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Lani Styles The Perfect Jumpsuit 9 Ways

Do you know how much I hate to have my picture taken? You can’t even imagine because it is so unreasonable. Don’t even get Kyle started. So it is a testament to how much I love my new Everlane Japanese GoWeave Essential jumpsuit [c/o Everlane] that I literally held a sidewalk photo shoot in order to share it with you! Other bloggers do this all the time, but you know, I am the weird blogger whose blog is about my readers, not about me 🙂 I don’t know that I’ve ever had a piece of clothing with this combination of …

Shopping Tips

How to Wear an Updated Denim Skirt

Do you love a jean skirt as much as I do? The only problem is the look can quickly veer into not modern/age-appropriate/cool territory very quickly. Even I feel a little bit unsure of myself sometimes when putting together outfits with a jean skirt. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be calling it a denim skirt now. Like how a fanny pack is now a belt bag. Uh huh. The first step is to find the right shape of denim skirt. Want something new and exciting? Go with the vintage look soft a-line. Younger or have great legs? Try a shorter …

Style Inspiration

Finding My Post-40 Style

Now that I’m just 42, I thought I would finally get around to writing a blog on finding my post-40 style! As happens to a lot of people, my eyes went to pot as soon as I turned 40. And because I already had been wearing reading glasses since the seventh grade, my eyes went above and beyond until I actually required a prescription and an astigmatic correction for every single thing I do in life. Near, far, and reading all require a different prescription with no option of contacts. So that’s how glasses got added into my over-40 style …