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Five Things to Take Out of Your Closet Now and Closet Update #3

This is the time of year when all clients panic at once that their closets need to be switched over for spring.  We have created a list for those of you who need help getting started. Happy Spring and scroll down for update number 3 on my closet switchout… . 5 Things to Take Out of Your Closet Now 1. Anything cashmere, wool or flannel . . 2. All boots save for one pair of your favorite ankle booties . . 3. Down or Puffy coats . . 4. Leather pants (faux leather too!) . . 5. Anything fuzzy like fur and …

Seasonal Trends

Kicking Off Spring 2015 Trend Month: The Seventies

Spring 2015: The Season of the Seventies . We are kicking off Real Life Style’s Spring 2015 Trend Month with THE trend of the season, The Seventies. This funky, free-spirited decade has been featured on the runway for multiple seasons in a row, but this year almost every spring trend can trace its roots back to the 1970’s. I’d also like to clarify, for all of you non-fashion industry peeps out there, that there are only two fashion season a year, spring and fall. Therefore, when i say spring I really mean spring and summer, and when I say fall, i mean …