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Seasonal Trends

Fall 2018 Trends Volume 3: Wear to Work

I can already hear you, “Yes, of course grey flannel is appropriate for work, but leather? Full leather?” Well, most Washington DC workplaces may not be ready for a full leather suit, but you could definitely get away with a chic dress or blazer in a subdued color. Work in NY or LA? Well then anything goes, right? Skirt suits with a double breasted menswear blazer are all the rage this season. The long, lean lapels will create a waist while the looser silhouette that is in fashion will cover anything you don’t want to show. Now that’s a good …

Seasonal Trends

The RLS Fall 2018 Trend Preview

I know, I know: it is so swampy out, how can we be talking about fall shopping? Well, we are one good vacation from back to school so Labor Day can’t be too far away. Yep, it is time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe. The best wardrobes are crafted proactively, not scooped up re-actively halfway through the season. If you haven’t made your fall shopping appointment with us yet, I would get on the calendar before it’s full! Will you be a cowboy, a leather queen, or a wonder in white this fall? Start fantasizing and pinning your …

Work Wardrobe

Set the Office Ablaze(r)

Fun colors, great quality, interesting shapes. Lately it has been almost impossible for us to find all three of these attributes in one great suit. That is until our friend Liza Collis invited us to check out the new showroom she was managing in the Shaw neighborhood of DC. We walked in the doors of Argent and immediately knew this would become a go-to for us and our clients. . . Argent was founded in 2016 by a tech employee, Sali Christeson, and a former designer at J.Crew and Tory Burch, Eleanor Turner. They saw a gap in the current workwear …