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Shopping Tips

5 Tips for Getting Dressed Today

We are constantly asked what one should and shouldn’t wear during these weird, rainy, chilly spring days. See below for all you need to know. Happy Spring! . 1. Cotton sweaters are your friend. By now, all the wool and cashmere are hopefully packed away for winter. Lightweight cashmere can be more appropriate, but the heavy winter turtlenecks shouldn’t be out in May. If you’re still cold on these 50 degree days, try layering a t-shirt or button-down under the sweater. . . 2. Utilize all of your fashionable light weight jackets. Military jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets…we love them all. …

Shopping Tips

Real Life Style Approved Sweaters

Now that the weather is finally, really turning, we are here to answer a question we get asked a lot. How can something as simple as a great sweater be so hard to find? Want a reasonable price too? Then you really have to work! RLS would like to help you out this season by pointing out some of our favorites. Happy Shopping! PS  I just bought the Lands’ End drifter for myself in Ivory. .. Land’s End Drifter Cable Crewneck Sweater, $49 . . Garnet Hill Ribbed Crossover Sweater, $128 . . Athleta Passage Sweater Vest, $118.00  / . …


Time to Switch Over Your Closet for Fall

September 23rd marked the official first day of fall. Now that the temperature is dipping below 60 degrees, it is time to start turning over our closets for the season. Of course, as many DC residents know, the weather is ever changing here. It’s not unusual to have an 80 degree weekend in the middle of October! So how do you know what to put away until next spring and what to keep around a little longer? Let RLS guide you through the process!   Linen Can one leave certain items in their closet longer in DC than places like …