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My New Competition

Amazon echo look, $199 . Watch the video first!!! In case you haven’t read the news recently, the so-called Amazon effect is putting a lot of retailers out of business these days. Is it also going to put personal stylists and image consultants out of business? Need to put coconut water on your shopping list? Ask Alexa. Need to know which necklace to wear with your outfit? Ask Alexa. No, seriously. With echo look, Amazon has not only included a hands free, LED light enhanced camera that takes outfit flattering pictures and videos, but also Style Check, Amazon’s answer to the …

Style Inspiration

Fashion Meets Technology at the 2016 Met Gala

When Lani and I convened on Tuesday morning to discuss the 2016 Met Ball, we had differing opinions. She remarked that the red carpet was not that exciting. I knew that she just hadn’t seen the real show-stoppers amidst the tons of media coverage for the most popular celebrities. As usual, millennial-favorites Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner won the hearts of the press for their outfits. I did love Taylor Swift’s custom Louis Vuitton dress (but I loved the mani by Miss Lady Finger more), but I wasn’t sure about wearing a mini dress to host the Met Gala. Kylie’s …

Fashion Accessories

The Latest in High Fashion Wearable Tech

Wearable seems to be the new buzzword these days. Every news publication from CNN to Mashable to WWD has been writing about the predicted success of wearable technology. While I’ve already written about Apple’s hot item, the Apple Watch, and I own a Fitbit, I’m most excited to see what designers plan to do with the new technology. Aside: As a dedicated watch wearer, I love the idea of the Apple Watch because it is actually a watch! I had an Apple iPod Nano watch (best Mother’s Day gift ever!) which I absolutely loved, until it broke right after the warranty expired. …

Fashion Accessories

Wearable Tech Finally Gets Fashionable-The Apple Watch

Most fashion editors and journalists may have an iPhone and iPad on them at all times, but they aren’t usually invited to Apple’s launch events. This year was different. The first hint that something fashionable was brewing at Apple came when the company hired Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, as well as Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent. After that the Apple watch was pretty much the worst kept secret in fashion and technology put together. The launch of three distinct collections – Apple Watch, Sport and Apple Watch Edition – mimicked the tiered distribution strategy of …

Fashion Accessories

How Well Dressed is Your iPhone?

Move over shoes, phones and tablets seem to be the world’s greatest new accessory. Everywhere we go, we are sure to have our tech gadgets accessible to us at all times. What a perfect opportunity to show off how stylish (and clever) you are! Luckily, designers are constantly coming out with new lines of cases for our tablets, laptops, and phones. I’m here to help you sort through some of the many options out there (and maybe provide a last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea!). What I can’t help you with is what to do with that expensive case when you switch …