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9 Tips for Doing New York City with Kids

I have to tell you, I was very worried about our trip to New York with the kids. You’d have thought living there myself for over 15 years would have relaxed me. On the contrary, I knew exactly how much we would be walking, how crowded the subway could get, and how overstimulated my DC-born-and-bred children would become. Alas, our preparation and planning was prudent and all went well. And as when we took the kids to Richmond, VA for the day, I wanted to share some of my tricks that worked. Be forewarned, there is no shopping in this …


Lani’s Travel Capsule Wardrobe Formula

Our readers who subscribe, and therefore get our weekly newsletter detailing our comings and goings, will know that I have been doing A LOT of traveling for clients lately. After using the same strategy for 4 trips in one month, I thought I should be nice and share my new travel capsule wardrobe formula. (Aside: To those of you who think the life of a personal stylist is glamorous, my 4 year-old is scotch taping me to my desk chair as I write this. Apparently he thought I needed help focusing on the task at hand.) But I digress…. So …


Kyle Takes San Francisco

San Francisco, how you’ve captured my heart. The city has an infinite amount of things to do and see, and I had less than five days over this past Presidents’ Day weekend. My sister flew Jack (my boyfriend) and me out to San Francisco to see the city before she moves back to Northern Virginia next month. She had been telling me for years that I would love it out there and now I see why. DC just doesn’t have anywhere close to the amount of hippies or hipsters, small vintage boutiques or new tech-y startups. I love the vibe …


Ella’s Fashion Tour of London

In December, I was lucky enough to be invited to join my boyfriend and his parents on a trip to London. I had been to London once before when I was ten years old, and my memories of that trip are fuzzy; therefore, I was thrilled to have a chance to explore the city as an adult. Of course, London is at its most extravagant during the holiday season. Almost every street was decked in lights that would put D.C. holiday street decor to shame. The whole city was in the holiday spirit! London is a pretty glamorous city, so …


Ella Goes to Japan

Hello! Remember me? I was Lani’s and Kyle’s intern last summer. I just graduated from Kenyon College (Mr. Real Life Style’s alma mater) and am now working for RLS full-time! Two weeks before starting again at RLS, I took the journey of a lifetime. My boyfriend, Kei, lived in Japan for part of his childhood, as his mother is Japanese. Since the country is such a big part of who he is, I was ecstatic to travel there with Kei as my guide! For a week and a half, Kei showed me all around Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. When …