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Style Inspiration

Steal This: A Stylist’s Work Uniform

Do you have one outfit formula that makes you feel powerful, fashionable, confident, and comfortable? I found my one outfit, and I’ve replicated the formula to create a uniform. This outfit is able to project authority and style expertise while still allowing me to walk 20,000 steps around a mall for 9 hours. Keep reading to find out how you can steal my style. If you’re one of our clients, you’ve probably seen me in some variation of this combination many times before: a blazer with color or pattern, a solid shell, jeans, and sneakers (usually substituting booties in the …

Shopping Tips

What Would Your Uniform Be?

One of the benefits of using a personal stylist is the amount of time you save getting dressed each and every day, not just for special occasions or date night. I tell my clients that they’ll be able to get dressed in two minutes or less once they have gone through the entire styling process with me. My clients and I are able to acheive this fashion freedom by narrowing down the outfit choices to only include complete looks that work for them.  Doing so simplifies the process and provides the client confidence as they select what they’ll wear for the …