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5 Alternatives to Shorts, The 2019 Edition

I used to think I was the only woman who hated wearing shorts. And then I started writing this blog annually. From the positive reaction we receive every year, I know I am far from the only woman looking for an alternative to shorts. I never understood how other women could be wearing shorts so un-self-consciously. It is rare that I have time to exercise enough to actually like my legs above the knee. Even when I was younger, thinner, and more fashionable, shorts just felt so casual and not me. They’ve never really been my preferred mode of clothing …

Shopping Tips

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Once in a while we just need to tie up loose ends and do a brain dump on you, our lovely readers, of our latest favorite things. The week before Xmas, when no one has time to seriously contemplate an involved blog, seemed like the right time! . . Lani’s Favorites . I feel like (as mentioned in the podcast highlighted last week), Kyle and I are always referring to our favorite $15 Uniqlo top.  While our previous favorite drape tee is currently off the Uniqlo website, this fall I have been stocking my own and a few clients’ closets …

Style Inspiration

6 Stellar Styling Tips from my Stellair Interview

I’ve been saying for the longest time (more in my head than out loud), that I really want to start guesting on some podcasts. I did a super fun interview last summer with Allie Wilson, someone I’ve known professionally for quite awhile and a fellow identical twin, for the new styling app Stellair, and then…completely forgot about it! So imagine my excitement when she told me a few weeks ago that not only was the Stellair app live, but so was the podcast we’d recorded. Allie has posted interviews with a bunch of different stylists across the country and different …

Style Inspiration

Finding My Post-40 Style

Now that I’m just 42, I thought I would finally get around to writing a blog on finding my post-40 style! As happens to a lot of people, my eyes went to pot as soon as I turned 40. And because I already had been wearing reading glasses since the seventh grade, my eyes went above and beyond until I actually required a prescription and an astigmatic correction for every single thing I do in life. Near, far, and reading all require a different prescription with no option of contacts. So that’s how glasses got added into my over-40 style …

Shopping Tips

The Coats We’re Buying Our Clients

Need some fall coat advice? Wondering which coats RLS is buying for their clients for Fall 2018? Well, this week we are here to spill all of our coat secrets. Happy Shopping! . . Color When we started working with one of our real estate clients a few years ago, she told us that she always would wear colorful and fun outerwear to work. Since she wasn’t usually taking off her coat when she was showing houses, the only part of her outfit that her clients were seeing was the impactful, memorable coat. We could not have agreed with her …