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Style Inspiration

Finding My Post-40 Style

Now that I’m just 42, I thought I would finally get around to writing a blog on finding my post-40 style! As happens to a lot of people, my eyes went to pot as soon as I turned 40. And because I already had been wearing reading glasses since the seventh grade, my eyes went above and beyond until I actually required a prescription and an astigmatic correction for every single thing I do in life. Near, far, and reading all require a different prescription with no option of contacts. So that’s how glasses got added into my over-40 style …

Shopping Tips

The Coats We’re Buying Our Clients

Need some fall coat advice? Wondering which coats RLS is buying for their clients for Fall 2018? Well, this week we are here to spill all of our coat secrets. Happy Shopping! . . Color When we started working with one of our real estate clients a few years ago, she told us that she always would wear colorful and fun outerwear to work. Since she wasn’t usually taking off her coat when she was showing houses, the only part of her outfit that her clients were seeing was the impactful, memorable coat. We could not have agreed with her …

Shopping Tips

Six Super Chic Transitional Outfits, All Under $180

Lately I’ve been feeling that although I do everything but shout from the rooftops about how chic and affordable the clothes at Uniqlo are, not enough people are listening. So Kyle and I put together six outfits perfect for the next few confusing months of transitional weather, each from Uniqlo and all under $180, tip to toe. Now that there are multiple stores open across the country as well as e-commerce, there is no excuse not to check it out.  You’re welcome. Happy Shopping, P.S. We are also kind of obsessed with Uniqlo’s line of modest clothing by Hana Tajima! …

Shopping Tips

Favorite Frugal Finds

OK, peeps. I know we are all aware that those final summer camp payments are coming up. RLS has your back in the form of our favorite frugal finds. We’ve got a little beauty, a little home, and of course more than a little fashion for you. Having a bad week? Go ahead, treat yourself. Happy Shopping! . The Ordinary Need an update to your beauty routine but don’t want to spend too much? Look no further than The Ordinary, a brand that aims to disrupt the beauty and skincare industry with low cost, high quality, truly effective single ingredient …


Ella Goes to Japan

Hello! Remember me? I was Lani’s and Kyle’s intern last summer. I just graduated from Kenyon College (Mr. Real Life Style’s alma mater) and am now working for RLS full-time! Two weeks before starting again at RLS, I took the journey of a lifetime. My boyfriend, Kei, lived in Japan for part of his childhood, as his mother is Japanese. Since the country is such a big part of who he is, I was ecstatic to travel there with Kei as my guide! For a week and a half, Kei showed me all around Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. When …