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Fashion Accessories

The Best Eco-Friendly, Vegan Handbags

Lately we’ve been getting a lot more client requests for vegan leather items. Vegan leather sounds like a planet-friendly choice, but it isn’t always. A lot of faux leather is actually made from PVC, which creates dioxins that pollutes waterways and soil and are toxic to our own health. We thought we’d help you out by sharing some of the most eco-friendly brands out there, all of which have sustainable manufacturing practices and use Polyurethane (PU) and other recycled or man made materials. Happy Eco-Friendly Shopping! . Angela Roi Although they were both born in South Korea, Angela and Roi Lee …

Shopping Tips

The Perfect Fall Skirt

A lot of women complain about having to wear maternity clothes and do all they can do avoid them while pregnant. As someone who believes in dressing correctly for your current body type, I believe in maternity wear. But once in a while I see something I love so much I get upset I have to sit out the season. This Calvin Klein skirt is THE PIECE I really want, but can’t have, this fall. Why is it the perfect skirt for Fall 2013? It covers multiple trends including Graphic Black and White, Punk, Leather and Chic Minimalism. It is …

Style Inspiration

Cruelty-Free Fashion Is Fabulous

This post is for Erin B. and Alissa B! It’s almost 2013, and who isn’t thinking about how to be kinder to the environment? Even the fashion industry has become more eco-conscious. One of the biggest ways that designers have instituted better practices is in making cruelty-free pieces. These pieces are great for everyone, not just practicing vegans! They’re often more affordable as well. Faux fur isn’t new, but it used to be like the inexpensive stepchild of fur–now, it looks so good that it’s a trend on its own! So if you want clothes or accessories with the look …