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Shopping Tips

Warm, Stylish Coats for Outdoor Gatherings

Warm, stylish coats for outdoor gatherings are just as important as last week’s blog topic: Warm Layers for Outdoor Gatherings. Choose from vests, puffers, fleece, teddy coats, and even faux fur. I’ll be keeping warm in Uniqlo HeatTech base layers and the coat collection that fills almost our entire front hall closet :). Happy Shopping! Vests Yes, we are putting vests in our warm, stylish coats for outdoor gatherings blog. A lot of people prefer a vest to a coat because of the range of movement it allows. This is especially useful if you are chasing kids around or tending …

Shopping Tips

Weather Can Be Dreary, but Your Outerwear Shouldn’t Be

Are you ready for the most fun winter coats and accessories ever? Kyle and I stopped by the Jocelyn showroom in New York this past week to shop for clients and hang out with Maria Reich, my friend from high school, now better know as The Fur Boss on Instagram. When I say that Kyle tried on practically everything in the showroom, I am not exaggerating. We were there for HOURS. We were having so much fun we just couldn’t leave without trying on one more thing! Lucky for us, and you, Maria and her team were quite accommodating. See …

Shopping Tips

I Double Dare You Not to Shop This Post- Our Thorough Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you can read this post and not click through to buy anything, you are made of much stronger stuff than me.  There are so many pieces I am simply dying over, like the burgundy flats that look like a million dollars but sell for only $69.90, that I could go on and on. Instead, I will let you peruse on your own and tell us on our Facebook page what your favorites are from the sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a new phenomenon for me, not having grown up with the store. Now I know why clients make …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2015 Trend #5: Vest Dressed

. It’s time to pull that criminally underrated piece out of the back of your closet: the vest. In the spring and summer, put-together outfits can be a little more difficult to create. You probably don’t feel like wearing your third piece when it’s over 90 degrees. However, a tailored vest can work all the magic of a blazer but still be breezy and practical. As seen in the runway shots above, many designers created gorgeous longer vests, but there were plenty of cropped vests and hip-length vests as well. This is a major trend this season ladies, so take note! Here are the …