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Shopping Tips

The Coats We’re Buying Our Clients

Need some fall coat advice? Wondering which coats RLS is buying for their clients for Fall 2018? Well, this week we are here to spill all of our coat secrets. Happy Shopping! . . Color When we started working with one of our real estate clients a few years ago, she told us that she always would wear colorful and fun outerwear to work. Since she wasn’t usually taking off her coat when she was showing houses, the only part of her outfit that her clients were seeing was the impactful, memorable coat. We could not have agreed with her …

Shopping Tips

The Right Tights for Right Now

During the cold months, we at Real Life Style field the same question over and over: what type of tights should I wear for work/date night/a formal event? For all these different occasions, our answer has been the same. 50 Denier tights are the perfect level of opacity. 100 denier super opaque black tights can read as casual, young or dated. 10 denier hose work well for certain events and dresses, but can be a little trickier to style. Our go-to 50 denier tight is the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50, which we also buy in knee-highs for trousers. Recently, …

Shopping Tips

Our Favorite Ways to Stay Warm

I find that having a few fun cold weather accessories always helps keep the chill out. The higher the style quotient, the less burdensome the weather! For instance, I welcomed snowmageddon a few years ago because I had a perfectly chic puffer coat from Theory to keep me warm. Speaking of chic puffer coats, one of our clients came to the office today wearing the MM.LaFleur Prospect Puffer we featured on the coat blog a few weeks ago. That coat is amazing: super flattering, wool on the outside and puffer coat on the inside. Totally worth the investment. Below are …

Shopping Tips

Superdry, Superwarm, and Supercute!

I’d been on the hunt for a new winter coat for a while before I learned about the British brand Superdry. As warm as my lightweight down coat from The North Face is, it is also a size too big and my puppy poked several holes in it with her tiny teeth while she was going through her teething phase last winter. (What can you do?) Winter coats don’t come cheap, so I was struggling to find a quality coat that was both my style and in my budget. I was about to give up when my boyfriend (who was also …

Fashion Accessories

The New and Improved Uggs

10 years ago, Uggs were my main choice of footwear. I’m not proud, but like many other women, I wore those giant clunky Ugg boots almost everyday. It was the trend, right? Now that I’m walking my new dog (!!!) in my PJs early in the morning, I have been slipping on my old black Ugg boots. Who wants to put on real footwear for a walk around the block? But the truth is that I’m ready for an upgrade. And the good news is that I don’t have to look far! Ugg boots are new and improved. No longer …