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Barbie Raids the Runway

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world – no, really, I am. My friends and I even made a Barbie cake for my 21st birthday (see below)! My childhood pretty much revolved around my Barbie collection, so it’s no surprise that I developed a passion for fashion as an adult. And what could be more fashionable than Barbies dressed to the nines after designer brands like Dior, Moschino, and Diane von Furstenberg? Yep, there are such things as Designer Barbie Dolls. In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to them and other Barbie collectables. I’ve included my favorites …

Style Inspiration

Fashion Meets Technology at the 2016 Met Gala

When Lani and I convened on Tuesday morning to discuss the 2016 Met Ball, we had differing opinions. She remarked that the red carpet was not that exciting. I knew that she just hadn’t seen the real show-stoppers amidst the tons of media coverage for the most popular celebrities. As usual, millennial-favorites Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner won the hearts of the press for their outfits. I did love Taylor Swift’s custom Louis Vuitton dress (but I loved the mani by Miss Lady Finger more), but I wasn’t sure about wearing a mini dress to host the Met Gala. Kylie’s …

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Zac Posen gives Brooks Brothers a Makeover

Zac Posen has taken over at Brooks Brothers, and not in the usual one-off special collection or “creative director emeritus” kind of way. This man is designing A LOT of clothes and they are awesome. Americana with glam awesome. See for yourself below. What is your favorite look? I’m leaning towards the first outfit but I love all of his 2 piece printed looks. Happy Shopping! . . Brooks Brothers Cropped Cotton Sateen Print Shirt, $98 Brooks Brothers Silk Crepe Print Maxi Skirt, $528 . . Brooks Brothers Cropped Floral-Print Cotton Sateen Top, $98 Brooks Brothers Floral-Print Cotton Sateen Pants, …