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Fashion Meets Technology at the 2016 Met Gala

When Lani and I convened on Tuesday morning to discuss the 2016 Met Ball, we had differing opinions. She remarked that the red carpet was not that exciting. I knew that she just hadn’t seen the real show-stoppers amidst the tons of media coverage for the most popular celebrities. As usual, millennial-favorites Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner won the hearts of the press for their outfits. I did love Taylor Swift’s custom Louis Vuitton dress (but I loved the mani by Miss Lady Finger more), but I wasn’t sure about wearing a mini dress to host the Met Gala. Kylie’s …

Work Wardrobe

Zac Posen gives Brooks Brothers a Makeover

Zac Posen has taken over at Brooks Brothers, and not in the usual one-off special collection or “creative director emeritus” kind of way. This man is designing A LOT of clothes and they are awesome. Americana with glam awesome. See for yourself below. What is your favorite look? I’m leaning towards the first outfit but I love all of his 2 piece printed looks. Happy Shopping! . . Brooks Brothers Cropped Cotton Sateen Print Shirt, $98 Brooks Brothers Silk Crepe Print Maxi Skirt, $528 . . Brooks Brothers Cropped Floral-Print Cotton Sateen Top, $98 Brooks Brothers Floral-Print Cotton Sateen Pants, …