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“Everyday when I walk into my closet I think about the guidelines you’ve provided. Every time I try something on, I look carefully in the mirror and at the style report colors and profiles. It really is easier with fewer options; I see things more clearly now. You have helped me refine my style and focus on upgrading replacements. I had a business trip this week and it was the first time in years I was able to pack with confidence and no angst. The outfits were not exactly what you put together for my closet, but the inspiration made it easy. I have another trip next week. I wish I’d done this years ago.”

Insurance Adjuster, sixties

“There is nothing quite like walking into my closet knowing that every piece is flattering and suited to my style. Thank you also for showing me that I have more than nearly two months worth of outfits ready to wear! Getting ready for work this week was a breeze, and I felt very confident walking into our major hearing this week. Working with you two has been fantastic, and I am really excited to keep doing so in the future!”

Employee of the House of Representatives, mid-thirties

“I moved to Washington D.C. from a small western town where polar fleece and loose jeans were the norm, so I definitely needed to step up and modernize my style.  I had a hard time however finding the right fit and coordinating outfits that both fit my active job and looked fabulous.  After a couple of years of muddling by, I sought Lani’s expertise.  Lani went through my closet and helped me see that a few of my items were gems waiting to be paired with the right ensemble.  She also took me shopping in an experience that was not only painless – it was fun!

Lani has helped me find clothes that fit me well and look far more stylish, appropriate and attractive than what I was wearing. She had a great eye for spotting special pieces and fresh fashion – and for knowing what will flatter me.  I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Washington Post Media Correspondent and mother, late thirties

“All of the stuff Lani put together has filled my requirement of easy-to-get-dressed-in-the-morning and comfortable! LOVE it all!”

Personal Finance Manager and mother, early forties

“This experience was just extraordinary.  I feel so lucky to have found Kyle and your Real Life Style company.  Kyle made me feel comfortable.  She knew what I would like.  She took me and my preferences and elevated them.  She made it fun and informative.  She was kind and encouraging but also honest. I have never been able to find a suit that fit, a professional outfit that really worked, and I had a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit me.  Now, I have a closet of clothes and outfits, and I cannot wait to wear them.

This was not only fun but a great confidence booster and much more efficient and inspiring way to shop! I also feel that I got more for my money, even in taking into account the stylist fees.  I would never have been able to find sale items on my own that worked so well. I believe that this is the start of a wonderful and inspiring collaboration.”

Geneticist, mother of two, early-forties

“Lani & team are the perfect combination of your best friend and your mother. They are super fun and have great taste, but they will also tell you when something is just not working for you. I really appreciated the direct and honest feedback they gave so that I had a better sense of what I should look for in the future. My wardrobe has been totally redone and I am thankful that they helped spur such a fantastic change!”

Human Resources Manager, mid-thirties

“I love having pictures to dress me and love how I feel. I get lots of random compliments now.  It’s awesome!”

Real Estate Agent, mid-thirties

“As someone who does not jump for joy at the idea of shopping, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was even easier than I anticipated – Kyle had pulled a multitude of items for me to try on and had everything set up for me so I could get started on trying things on right away. Kyle did a fabulous job of selecting items that reflected my style, while also selecting some very flattering items that I never would have picked myself for fear that I couldn’t “pull them off”. This experience was tremendously helpful for me, as it showed me that there’s no reason to fear fashion! I came away from the store feeling confident not only in the outfits I purchased, but in my ability to apply the fashion advice I received to future shopping trips on my own.

Overall, my experience with Real Life Style was even better than I could have imagined. Kyle was attentive, thoughtful with her choices, and made me feel very comfortable with my shopping experience. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to spruce up their wardrobe, shop smarter, and feel confident in their clothing choices!”

Credit Analyst, mid-twenties

“After almost a year of constant touring as well as renovating a new apartment, my wardrobe was spread throughout three closets with no rhyme or reason. Performance clothing was mixed in with my everyday wardrobe. I dreaded getting dressed every day because I could never find what I was looking for. In one day, Lani organized every one of my closets into a system that works for my busy lifestyle as a classical musician. Her service turned out to be the missing piece of my home renovation. Best of all, I can finally find the clothes I am looking for, and quickly!”

Professional Cellist, late-twenties

“I have never been someone who enjoys shopping for clothes, yet I do enjoy looking good and opening my closet to a full array of beautiful, up-to-date pieces at the ready. Before Lani I wasted so much time and money on clothes that didn’t flatter me or reflect my personal style. I now feel relaxed and confident that I have great fitting and appropriate options in my wardrobe for the everyday as well as every event. She knows me, my lifestyle, my taste and wardrobe, intimately. The money I spend on her is a bargain.

After shopping she creates outfits I would have never dreamed of, often by combining newer pieces with older ones that sat unused in my closet. Then she photographs each and every outfit, which serves as my lifeline as I face each new day. This service is an extravagance, as any service is, but in the long run I have gained something that money can’t buy. I look great and feel confident that I am dressed appropriately in every area of my life without wasting money along the way. It is the perfect splurge for a busy Mom like me.”

Stay at Home mother of two, mid-thirties

“Lani has been a valuable asset to both my professional and personal life. After giving birth to two children, she helped me find a fresh look that perfectly fit my lifestyle and budget. As a result of this new outward look, my confidence has soared and I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone in all areas of my life. I took a new management role at work and have more than doubled my total compensation-all in 3 short years!”

Financial Services, early-forties, mother of two

“WOW was the wardrobe makeover a fantastic experience.  Kyle was professional, positive, thoughtful, honest, calm, and confident.  She took the fear out of the process for me and definitely gave me some great ideas. I rid my closet of all things that did not fit, were too worn, or were out of style (incidentally helping our end-of-year tax situation in terms of Goodwill donations!).  Now, only appropriate clothes are left, and I can actually SEE them all in my closet!  I feel more confident in making my daily clothing choices, because I know what I’m choosing is decent-looking and appropriate.  Kyle also helped me figure out what colors to focus on in the future and gave me ideas of things I can consider purchasing to fill in some holes.  Finally, she brought my scarf collection back to life – several beautiful scarves were just sitting unused in my closet, and now I know when and how to use them appropriately. All in all, a fabulous process!!”

Attorney, mother of two

“Lani recently packed me for a week-long business and pleasure trip. I had so many events to dress for: meetings during the day, dinners at night, and a weekend at the beach. I didn’t know where to start on my own. She put together a flexible, appropriate wardrobe for the entire week, allowing me to concentrate exclusively on my work. This was truly an invaluable service to have during the stressful time leading up to my conference. In addition, Lani has organized my closet so that now when I look inside- instead of seeing a long row of clothes I no longer wear or feel excited about, I have a row of ideal outfits and multiple choices for every occasion. I cannot endorse the convenience, value and ease of her services enough.”

Communications Professional, late-twenties, single

“I felt so confident in my new work outfits, I even went in and asked for a raise. That’s the power of positive dressing!”

Magazine Editor, late-twenties

“After years of “hit or miss” experiences trying to build my wardrobe, I finally decided to get help.  I found Lani’s company, Real Life Style, in an online search, and I chose them over others because of a blog post Lani had written about the importance of looking fashionable — but still having comfortable shoes.  Seeing that, I knew Lani was on my wavelength!

Lani started with a phone consultation to discuss my needs, then she & Kyle came to my house to look at what I had in my closet.  She was diplomatic, but she pointed out not only ill-fitting things (& explained why), but also clothes that showed wear that I hadn’t noticed.  She has a great eye for combinations, & suggested some I hadn’t thought of.  As we talked, she & Kyle took careful notes about my preferences & needs.  Later, Lani e-mailed me a Style Report, with details on what works best on me, as well as wardrobe items needed to complete the type of wardrobe I’m looking for.

The next step was a shopping trip.  Lani & Kyle had already pulled items for me in each store we visited, so all I had to do was try things on.  Their choices all reflected my input, & I appreciated that there was a mix of price points.  Lani & Kyle also knew of sources for specific items I was looking for, so those were shipped to me.  Finally, we set a date for Lani & Kyle to return to my house, so we could go through everything.  Items that I wanted to keep were paired into outfits which Lani photographed, so I have my own “look book” for inspiration.  (And Lani handled the returns!)

For me, this was a very worthwhile investment.  (I should also mention that they only charge for time actually spent with a client.)  I now have a wardrobe that absolutely reflects my own style, & a clear idea of what works for me.  Lani & Kyle urged me a little out of my comfort zone every now & then, which I’m happy with, but they also did such a great job of listening that it’s my own style I see in the mirror.  Lani and Kyle are very professional, but I had fun talking with them & learning from them.  I definitely recommend Real Life Style to anyone looking to define and refine their look!”

Retired Teacher, early-sixties

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