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Seasonal Trends

Our Favorite Current Color Combos

We are so excited to share our favorite current color combos with you this week! Mixing up your existing wardrobe into fresh combinations is a sustainable method to feeling like everything is new again. You can do this by playing with color, silhouette, patterns or textures. Unexpected color combos are inspiring us right now.

Happy Shopping (or not)!

Fuchsia and Burgundy

Of all the current color combos, the one I am dying to try most is one that Kyle has been rocking for a few years. I mean, how many people can pull off fuchsia pants like Kyle does in the picture below? I have plenty of burgundy pieces in my closet. But, I need more fuchsia in my wardrobe. Remember the dress you all loved so much on Instagram?

Aqua and Cobalt

I’m not the only one who loves the aqua and cobalt color combo! Every single time I would walk into my pool in the outfit below, I would get stopped by multiple women wanting to know where I got it. Scroll through the widget below to find my bathing suit super on sale! (FYI, I bought mine in a D cup size.) I’m so tempted to find a winter version of this color combo that feels so current, yet I have loved for years.

Indigo and Cognac

I mean, can you get any more chic than indigo and cognac? This color combo feels so fresh, yet not trendy. What color is indigo exactly? It is a blue brighter than navy, but more toned down than cobalt. Want the more classic version of this color combo? Add rust to your favorite navy pieces and pass go into new and exciting wardrobe territory. Have fun!

Louise Roe

Lavender and Rust

Yes, rust again! This color is not just a flash in the pant trend. And now you can feel good about your investment, because you can use it in two of our favorite current color combos! Of course we highly approve of this one; Real Life Style’s company color is lavender.

Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific

What is your favorite of the current color combos? Let us know in the comments below!

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