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Three Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

Lately I’ve spotted a lot of denim jackets around town. After borrowing my Mom’s for a little, I decided to give it back to her and buy my own.  The denim jacket is perfect for any typical day, including brunch dates, a breezy beach day or a barbecue. My favorite look is the denim jacket on a casual day with black jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. It can be a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe, which is why I encourage all women, of all age groups, to pull theirs out of the closet! The denim jacket doesn’t have to be your standard blue jean. How about …

Fashion Accessories


This past fall, booties proved their presence in the fashion world. Everywhere I went I would see people wearing different colors and versions of a bootie, and finally decided I had to invest in a pair (or two). This season I am in the same boat again. Why? Because the bootie has a new look perfect for spring and summer: the peep-toe bootie! How fabulous are these? There is so much variety in the color, heel shape, and style. My personal favorite is the Vince Camuto Lavette Perforated Bootie below. I think the heel size is just right and the …