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The Five Must-Have Pieces For Your Work Wardrobe

Every professional wardrobe needs these five must-have pieces for your work wardrobe. If you work in an office, this is a blog that you should pay attention to. Take stock of your closet. Do you have all five of these work wardrobe must-haves? If not, start clicking! We’ve written a dedicated blog post with many shoppable links for each of the five must-have pieces for your work wardrobe, which are linked below. We update the shopping links regularly, so you should always be able to find what your closet is missing.

Happy Shopping!

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Your Power Color

What is a power color? A color that makes you feel bold and confident. One that garners compliments every time you wear it. Your power color should make you glow, enhancing your skin, eye, and hair colors. Yes, you can have more than one power color! Read our post to learn your power color and why you should wear it.

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Perfectly Tailored Trousers

Shopping for work pants that fit and flatter can be overwhelming. Unwilling to endure the search for the “perfect” pair, many women wear the same threadbare black pants to work for years. Remember: alterations are your friend. Read more to find out which pants are for you.

Fashionable, Comfortable Work Shoes

The right shoe can be the glue that pulls together a stylish outfit. Get the shoe right, and the silhouette will be perfect. Get the shoe wrong, and the whole outfit will look off. Which heels can you wear with a dress for an all-day conference? Which flats will still make you look long and lean? Read the post to find out which shoes look fashionable, not orthopedic.

A Structured Tote

What makes a perfect work tote, you ask? It has to be structured enough that you don’t look sloppy at work. And most importantly, it has to be perfectly functional (and beautiful) for you. Decide what features you need in your bag, and then read our post for the best options!

A Comfortable Blazer

Many women have given up on blazers because they don’t think they can wear a blazer without feeling constricted in their movement or like they can’t wait to take it off. You just haven’t met the right blazer, we say. Everyone looks better in a jacket, and no one feels put together in a cardigan. Please do yourself a favor and trade in at least one old ratty cardigan for one of these comfortable but chic blazers.

How many of the five must-have pieces for your work wardrobe do you have? How many do you need? Click through to the detailed blogs for each of the must-have pieces for your work wardrobe and start shopping!

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  1. Love this and love I can have multiple power colors! Northing feels better then multiple compliments! Thanks for a great post and of course, finding a new fabulous brand!

    1. Lani says:

      Thank you for being such a loyal reader, Fran!

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