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Wear Your Power This Year

My wish for all of you this year is to learn how to wear your power! It is easy to get stuck in our existing wardrobes, especially when only our own family is seeing us most days.

As you will see from Molly and Kara’s self-told stories, learning how to wear your power improves how you see yourself.

Work Wardrobe

6 Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home

Must-Have Pieces for Working From Home, the list you have been waiting for. We developed our original must-have list, 5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Work Wardrobe, after many requests over a long period of time. This list has been a mainstay in our work with personal styling clients, our Wear Your Power E-Course, and corporate seminars. And then there was a pandemic. We still believe in the original list, which was designed to be flexible and work for business-casual to business-formal workplaces. However, your kids were not in those workplaces. We immediately recognized a need for a secondary list. 6 …

Work Wardrobe

The Five Must-Have Pieces For Your Work Wardrobe

Every professional wardrobe needs these five must-have pieces for your work wardrobe. If you work in an office, this is a blog to which you should pay special attention. Take stock of your closet. Do you have all five of these work wardrobe must-haves? If not, start clicking! We’ve written a dedicated blog post with a ton of shoppable links for each of the five must-have pieces for your work wardrobe and linked to them below. We update the shopping links regularly so you should always be able to find what your closet is missing. Happy Shopping! Your Power Color …