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Wear Your Power This Year

My wish for all of you this year is to learn how to wear your power! It is easy to get stuck in our existing wardrobes, especially when only our own family is seeing us most days.

As you will see from Molly and Kara’s self-told stories, learning how to wear your power improves how you see yourself.

Style Inspiration

Choose Your Own Adventure: 3 Ways to Get Your Wardrobe Together in 2020

This is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions, or at the very least, consideration of how we would like to make ourselves better next year. This being a shopping and wardrobe blog, we are going to tackle the part of your life we can help you control, your wardrobe. I’ve been getting emails with inquiries like, “I’m a working mom looking to refresh my wardrobe this year,” for a week and it isn’t even New Year’s Eve yet!

Style Inspiration

Steal This: A Stylist’s Work Uniform

Do you have one outfit formula that makes you feel powerful, fashionable, confident, and comfortable? I found my one outfit, and I’ve replicated the formula to create a uniform. This outfit is able to project authority and style expertise while still allowing me to walk 20,000 steps around a mall for 9 hours. Keep reading to find out how you can steal my style. If you’re one of our clients, you’ve probably seen me in some variation of this combination many times before: a blazer with color or pattern, a solid shell, jeans, and sneakers (usually substituting booties in the …

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Lani Styles The Perfect Jumpsuit 9 Ways

Do you know how much I hate to have my picture taken? You can’t even imagine because it is so unreasonable. Don’t even get Kyle started. So it is a testament to how much I love my new Everlane Japanese GoWeave Essential jumpsuit [c/o Everlane] that I literally held a sidewalk photo shoot in order to share it with you! Other bloggers do this all the time, but you know, I am the weird blogger whose blog is about my readers, not about me 🙂 I don’t know that I’ve ever had a piece of clothing with this combination of …

Style Inspiration

The Stylist Studio, Round 2

Last January, DC Style Factory founder Rosana Vollmerhausen and I launched The Stylist Studio, a two-day intensive, interactive training program that teaches up-and-coming personal stylists what they need to know to start their own professional personal styling business. Due to the program’s great success, we decided to offer it again over MLK weekend this year. (And we were lucky enough to have photographer-extraordinaire Emma McAlary there to document the occasion!) This professional development program equips aspiring personal stylists with the skills to work one-on-one with clients. The Stylist Studio’s Introductory Training consists of two modules to help you become a personal stylist: “Personal Styling and …