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Wear Your Power This Year

My wish for all of you this year is to learn how to wear your power! It is easy to get stuck in our existing wardrobes, especially when only our own family is seeing us most days.

As you will see from Molly and Kara’s self-told stories, learning how to wear your power improves how you see yourself.

Shopping Tips

How to Wear Color

Raise your hand if you’re afraid of color! If you are, it’s okay. A lot of people are not sure how to incorporate color into their wardrobes. Lani and Kyle have several clients who, prior to hiring RLS, pretty much only dressed in black. Color makes a statement, but you want to be sure you are making the right statement. Color affects your  appearance in many ways. I studied the visual arts in college and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the principles of color theory I learned in my classes are very similar to those of the fashion world. …

Fashion Accessories

Haute Sneakers

Have you heard the good news? Sneakers are HOT again! Not just your average gym shoes, sneakers have been given a new life by top designers. Karl Lagerfeld once said, “The sneaker is like jeans for the feet.” Just like jeans, they’ve been reinvented from something functional to something much more stylish and daring. As usual, don’t freak at the price tags for the first few pairs. We’ll show you some more affordable options after you absorb the HAUTENESS of this new trend. Just a quick note to all of my loyal readers and subscribers about some upcoming changes: we …