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Style Inspiration

An Early Spring at the SAG Awards

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been itching for spring to come. The inconsistent weather here in the D.C. area isn’t helping my patience. One day it’s so cold my steering wheel feels like a block of ice, and the next day I’m walking around in cropped jeans and a light jacket. The red carpet at Sunday’s SAG Awards featured exciting colors and fun florals that made me even more anxious for spring. This red carpet felt especially bright considering almost all of Hollywood dressed in black for the Golden Globes earlier this month to show support for the …

Style Inspiration

True Confessions of a Personal Stylist

I lied to you. Seriously. I tell my friends, clients and blog readers to pick a date by which they want to fit into their pre-baby or other weight gain/body change happening clothes, and stick to it. If the clothes don’t fit by that date, away they go. I’ve also told you that even if you are hanging onto clothing that doesn’t currently fit, you should review it every season to make sure you still want to hang onto it. It is amazing how out of style your “favorites” will look to you after sitting in a bin for 5 …

Style Inspiration

5 Reasons Why Lupita Nyong’o is the Ultimate Style Icon

. I have two celebrity style icons that, in my opinion, can do no wrong. These are two women that are constantly taking risks and breaking the rules, never afraid to stand out. One is Olivia Palermo, who we’ll come back to another time, and the other is Lupita Nyong’o. Besides the fact that the Kenyan actress has flawless skin, as proven by her recent role as a Lancome ambassador, and perfectly toned arms and legs, there is something about her that just glows in photographs. Her smile is absolutely infectious. Here are my five reasons why Lupita is my ultimate style …

Style Inspiration

Style Spotlight: Artist Marisol Martinez

I love sharing stories with you that show you life is not always made up of straight lines. I’ve featured my friend Marisol Martinez on the blog before but hadn’t had a chance to tell you her “story”, which I think is a valuable one. Marisol and I went to Parsons School of Design together, each earning our B.B.A. in Design Marketing. Although we both started out thinking we’d go into fashion, her internship at a big fashion house with a truly infamous designer turned her off fashion forever. She ended up working at VHI, beginning a very successful career …