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Marisol Martinez, Quiet Luxury Style Icon

Marisol Martinez, is not just my original Quiet Luxury style icon. She is also a super talented artist and one of my best friends from Parsons School of Design. She entered during my sophomore year, two years older, more worldly, and even then, very sure in her style. An “only in New York” crazy fashion internship later, she jumped off the fashion ship and into the music industry. Despite my tin ear and complete lack of interest in popular music, Marisol and I stayed fast friends.

And just as I ended up accidentally forging a path to business ownership, Marisol also ended up on the winding road to artistic freedom. And through it all, I’d sit on her couch exclaiming, “Where did you get that?!”, as she pulled yet another amazing item out of her endless closet. I swear she has figured out a way to bewitch her New York closets so that they can fit in five times as many clothes as the rest of ours! “What, this old thing? I’ve had this forever,” or “I stole this from my Mom,” she would say.

I’d always think, “How am I the professional here? This woman is so good at this!” Therefore, I am thrilled to not only introduce you to both Marisol’s art, but also her amazing style. Because if anyone ever epitomized/originated the Quiet Luxury trend, it is Marisol Martinez. And an honorable mention to her insanely stylish Mother!


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The Interview with Marisol Martinez

Marisol and Warhol take New York

Lani: How would you describe your personal style?

Marisol: Sleek, simple, elegant, comfortable and individualistic ;).

Marisol Martinez next to her art exhibit: "X Marks the Spot"

Lani: Tell us about your current career(s), as well as your former one. Did a change of occupation(s) affect your style?

Marisol: I love this question because my style has indeed changed based on my career transitions! When I entered the music business right out of Parsons School of Design (where we met), it was all about what was “current” and “new” in fashion. The most updated bag, the hot pair of jeans, the trendy labels. I don’t think I owned a pair of sneakers back then. It was all about the boot and heels. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I owned any flats or sneakers! At this phase of my life, I cannot believe I was running around working in heels all the time. Just wild.

In my second act or second stage of my career as an artist, all I wear are sneakers and Birkenstocks. A complete 180 from my first career. I think I own more sneakers then I do boots or heels. My feet are much happier now!

In addition, I own a lot of suits and dresses. My family is in the funeral home industry and I grew up pretty much with a dress code from a very young age. Professional, elegant and not too showy.

Marisol Martinez with her art exhibit Geomteries

Lani: Where do you shop?

Marisol: That’s top secret, hahahaha! I’m slightly joking ;). I really shop everywhere. I do not have a preference. I actually do not enjoy the shopping experience, so I have to be in the mood to scout or intentional about what I need. I can find really great staples at lower end stores that actually outlive pieces from higher end stores. I tend to buy my shoes and bags at the higher end stores. There are two things you cannot fake, a well made shoe and a well made bag!

I have always been a vintage shopper. When I was in high school, vintage shopping in the city was THE BEST! People had original style and a lot of us sourced that out at the vintage shops. I also made clothes with my grandmother and mother. I have kept almost every piece of clothing since high school. I learned early in life that things are cyclical, so I pull pieces out of storage all the time. Now 90’s style is back and all I have to do is shop in my closet! 

I am very lucky to have a mother that has great style and loves to shop. She has the craziest luck! Both of my parents were always very well dressed and groomed. They made it fun for us and showed us how to express ourselves through fashion.

Marisol showing off the quiet luxury style

Lani: If your apartment was on fire (and all your loved ones were safe!), what is the one item you would grab from your closet?

Marisol: YIKES!!! That’s not an easy decision, but I am going to go with the first thing that came to me, my Giorgio Armani Collezione Black Tuxedo jacket with gorgeous satin lapels and black jeweled buttons. I can dress it up or down and it has a nice length so I can wear it with pants and/or a dress or skirt. It is super versatile.

art work from Marisol

Lani: How would you describe your artwork?

Marisol: An outward expression of my thoughts and feelings in full color. There are so many layers to why I paint. Some days it’s a celebration and some days it’s a mourning and other days I am inspired by what I see in the world. I see patterns, color, cycles, people. Many, many layers.

art work from Marisol

Lani: How does your personal style influence your artwork and vice versa?

Marisol: My paintings are absolutely my alter ego. I live in a very specific color palette in my wardrobe and have since I was young. I have always lived in Black, White, Cream, Browns, Navy, Grey, and Olive Green. Maybe once in a blue moon a pastel in the summer, but that is it. 

My paintings pretty much explore every color possible. I can sit in my studio for hours mixing and exploring different colors, hues, tints, and shades. It is my happy place, my adult playground. 

The colorful paintings speak for me. I am a bit shy in general, and am very observant and quiet in crowds. The paintings are the opposite. They scream “Hello, I am here!”

Marisol looking elegant and comfortable

Lani: How did the pandemic change how you dress (or not)?

Marisol: Leisure wear became more like outerwear. I mixed sleek elegance with pajamas and jogging suits. I think a lot of people did. It provided a level of comfort and security we all needed during such uncertain times. I like to feel, cozy, cute and safe.

art from Marisol

Lani: Which non-profit organization would you like us to know more about?

Marisol: Housing Works is an organization that fights for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS have access to quality housing, healthcare, HIV prevention, and treatment, among other lifesaving services. (Description taken from their site).

I love Housing Works, I have donated many works for their auctions and galas over the years and I support their events, initiatives and shop at their stores. 

I have had family and friends pass away from HIV/AIDS so it hits home. The work they do to ensure dignity, love, and care is something I will stand behind for as long as I can.


Lani: Where can people see your artwork, both in person and online? What do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

Marisol: My website is and my Instagram handle is Soloexhibit.

Lani: I’m super excited to see Marisol in DC in a few weeks! She will be here to install one of her pieces at our home. If you are interested in your own personal installation at that time, get in touch soon!

Marisol’s Pieces Currently for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing either of these pieces, please contact Marisol Martinez.

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