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Style Inspiration

Making Peace (at Age 40) with Wearing Shorts

As a grown up, I have always struggled with wearing shorts. Shorts made me feel silly, like I was trying to be something I’m not. Like casual, ha ha. Now that I have kids and can’t just wear skirts all summer (not great for climbing around at the park!), I’ve had to figure out the whole shorts thing. And by that I mean I just figured it out now that my eldest is 5 1/2. How did I figure out how to wear shorts without feeling silly? It was pretty much an accident. Recently I needed to get dressed super …

Shopping Tips

How to Wear Cropped Flare Jeans

This is one of those trends that had me scratching my head at first. Now I love it. This blog came about because we convinced a client looking for a new denim trend to try the cropped flare, but then when she went to wear the jeans without us, had a hard time figuring out the “right” way to style them. The fun part of the trend is that they look a little “off”, so it can be hard to decipher what is good off and what is just off! Here is the answer for all of you! You’re welcome. …

Work Wardrobe

5 Power Outfits Every Mompreneur Must Have

Thank you, Anjali Varma from the Modern Mompreneur for letting me speak to your awesome group of Mompreneurs yesterday! I get asked by my clients what to wear to the five most common “work” occasions all the time. I was so excited to have put all of the answers in one place that I just had to share them with all of you right away! What is the one thing everyone should have before starting a business? A business plan, of course. And what else? 5 power outfits that will take you everywhere from a casual coffee meeting to a …

Shopping Tips

Do you have Seasonal Confusion Disorder (SCD)?

What is Seasonal Confusion Disorder you ask? Allow me to explain… Growing up in Chicago and then living my adult life in New York City, two cities with very clear weather seasons, I never thought much about not wearing summer clothes in November or February. Then I started spending time in Washington, DC…Now I know that it can be 60 degrees here in February, or 70 degrees in March, as it is today. This is no excuse for what I saw a girl wearing on March 1st, light cotton white pants and gold Jack Rogers sandals. We may not all subscribe to …