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Making Peace (at Age 40) with Wearing Shorts

As a grown up, I have always struggled with wearing shorts. Shorts made me feel silly, like I was trying to be something I’m not. Like casual, ha ha. Now that I have kids and can’t just wear skirts all summer (not great for climbing around at the park!), I’ve had to figure out the whole shorts thing. And by that I mean I just figured it out now that my eldest is 5 1/2.

How did I figure out how to wear shorts without feeling silly? It was pretty much an accident. Recently I needed to get dressed super quickly and it was really hot, so I grabbed a pair of khaki shorts a friend had given me (thanks Jessie!) when I was cleaning out her closet. I had just reorganized my closet and put my numerous black short sleeve tee shirts towards the front of the tops section, so I put on one of those too. And then this really weird feeling took over. I was wearing shorts, yet I somehow felt like…myself! Wow.


The black tee + khaki short combo reminded me of the black tee + khaki trench coat look I had pulled out of a magazine a while ago.  I was merely translating a look that already spoken to me for a different season. Variations on my new shorts uniform are a burgundy or olive tee, as those are my optimal colors, or white when it is super hot. Add a delicate but edgy Larissa Loden necklace and voila, age and style appropriate shorts.

Happy Shopping!

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Splendid Supima Cotton and Modal-Blend Jersey T-Shirt, $65

Topshop Rope Casual Shorts, $65

Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor Patent in Black, $94.95

Campomaggi Studded Saddle Bag, $450

Zoe Circular Studs, $3,650


How do you wear shorts?



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