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RLS Recommended Closet Tools on Super Sale!

Our favorite closet tools are on sale! If you read this blog regularly, and you haven’t yet changed your hangers to Huggable Hangers, shame on you. Seriously. At the current sale price of $22.49 for a box of 40, you have run out of excuses. Don’t forget to edit your wardrobe as you change the hangers.

Where should you hang your clothes as you make the Huggable Hanger switch? On a handy dandy folding rolling rack, just like the one the professionals (that’s us!) use.

Shoes still hanging out at the bottom of your closet? I don’t think so. Drop front shoe boxes stack neatly and keep your shoes dust-free and visible. And if you must purchase a box for each pair of shoes, you are less likely to keep the ones you should not. Need help editing your wardrobe? There is an RLS stylist ready to help! Shoot me an email at to schedule your free consultation to see which of our services might be right for you. Now is the perfect time. Book a New Client Package during the month of July, and you can look and feel put together every day for 25% off.

Happy Shopping!

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Huggable Hangers

Joy Mangano Black Huggable Hangers (Case of 40), $29.99 $22.49

Joy Mangano Platinum Huggable Hangers (Case of 40), $29.99 $22.49

Joy Mangano Ivory Huggable Hangers, $29.99 $22.49


Shoe Boxes

Drop-Front Shoe Boxes, $7.99 $6.39

Linen Drop-Front Shoe Box, $14.99 $10.49

Grey Drop-Front Shoe Box, $14.99 $10.49

Men’s Drop-Front Shoe Box, $9.99 $7.99



Rolling Rack

Chrome Metal Folding Commercial Clothes Rack, $69 $49

Chrome Metal Folding Commercial Clothes Rack, $69 $49


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