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5 Steps to a COVID Closet Makeover

This week I have 5 steps you can follow to give yourself a COVID Closet Makeover. The blog will help you get your closet in working order for the strange times in which we are living. I’ll address the most important questions to ask yourself before starting your COVID Closet Makeover. What to edit? How to organize your closet? What to do with the items that don’t belong in your working closet? Lastly, I’ll leave you with the surefire method to utilize your existing wardrobe.


RLS Recommended Closet Tools on Super Sale!

Our favorite closet tools are on sale! If you read this blog regularly, and you haven’t yet changed your hangers to Huggable Hangers, shame on you. Seriously. At the current sale price of $22.49 for a box of 40, you have run out of excuses. Don’t forget to edit your wardrobe as you change the hangers. Where should you hang your clothes as you make the Huggable Hanger switch? On a handy dandy folding rolling rack, just like the one the professionals (that’s us!) use. Shoes still hanging out at the bottom of your closet? I don’t think so. Drop …

Fashion Accessories

How to Hang Your Necklaces in Style

  The Container Store 11-Peg Acrylic Necklace Rack, $9.99 . My vanity is the one area in my tiny apartment bedroom that makes me truly happy. My $20 repurposed Ikea desk is appropriately lined with acrylic trays filled with tons of makeup and 15 different moisturizers and sunscreens. It’s situated in the perfect location: in front of a window for natural light. The strip of LED lights lining the back of the desk was an inexpensive way to make the whole area more glamorous. On the left side of my vanity, my infamous nail polish collection sits on two acrylic …


Resolve to Clear Your Closet and Your Head

. . Can clearing out your closet really change your life? I never get tired of telling people how and why it can. Most people tell themselves they’ll “get to it” over the weekend. Then the weeks come and go and before you know it, it has been a year and your closet is still a mess. The number one thing my clients tell me (besides that they admire the style of Kate Middleton most) is that they can’t believe it took them so long to clean/clear out their closets. What they really mean is that they can’t believe how …