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How to Hang Your Necklaces in Style

necklace rack container store real life style


The Container Store 11-Peg Acrylic Necklace Rack, $9.99


My vanity is the one area in my tiny apartment bedroom that makes me truly happy. My $20 repurposed Ikea desk is appropriately lined with acrylic trays filled with tons of makeup and 15 different moisturizers and sunscreens. It’s situated in the perfect location: in front of a window for natural light. The strip of LED lights lining the back of the desk was an inexpensive way to make the whole area more glamorous. On the left side of my vanity, my infamous nail polish collection sits on two acrylic wall-mounted polish racks. An acrylic magazine slipcase hold my clutches on my dresser. And in a perfect world, I would be comfortably perched on an acrylic chair in front of my vanity while getting ready every morning. Sensing a theme?

I think the only thing that could complete my gorgeous vanity area is this acrylic necklace rack. My necklaces are currently hanging underneath my nail polish racks on 2 key holders from Target. After seeing how this necklace rack and the matching jewelry trays transformed a client’s closet into a dressing room, I think it’s time for an upgrade! Let’s be honest, how classy would my life be if I had the whole matching set? At least that’s what I’ll tell my boyfriend when he accuses me of a shopping addiction.



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