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My Perfect Summer Occasion Dress

t. tahari

T. Tahari Mesh Fit and Flare: $178


I have a saying, “One for me, one for the client.” Sometimes I find an item so great for a client, I have to buy it for myself! The above T Tahari dress is one of those items. This time of year we are dressing clients for an infinite number of summer weddings and parties. Sometimes this calls for an arsenal of different dresses, but other times a client needs just one perfect dress they can wear over and over. There has to be an advantage to all of these destination weddings! Spend your money on plane tickets, not 5 different dresses.

Have you read about the capsule wardrobe idea that is sweeping the blogosphere? The idea is to have as few clothes as possible, and to absolutely love every item in your wardrobe. Don’t worry, a blog on this topic will be coming soon…In the meantime, think of how freeing it would be to not have to make any choices come wedding season, other than mixing up your accessories.

I have already worn my pink dress once in April to a Bar Mitzvah in New York (where someone told me I was wearing the best dress of the whole party), and plan to wear it to a wedding in Wisconsin in June and a rehearsal dinner in Chicago in August. Perhaps I will also wear it to dinner for our (2nd) 5th Anniversary in July?  (By the way, I highly recommend getting married twice so that you have extra anniversaries to celebrate. Great excuse for date night!)

P.S. If you don’t know about the T. Tahari line, you should! It is a super stylish but less expensive line by Tahari that has especially awesome dresses this season. Lord & Taylor has the best selection and prices right now.



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