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Fashion Accessories

DIY Wooden Necklace for Summer

I’ve really been wanting a statement necklace made out of wood for awhile now. However, the few I’ve liked at stores have all been way more than I wanted to spend on a summer necklace. As I’ve done before, I was sure I could make myself what I wanted, if only I could get to the proper store. “Proper store” is my euphamism for “Only in New York”, FYI. . During the same shopping jaunt that brought Kyle and I our inexpensive fur poufs, we stopped next door at Toho Shoji so that I could search for my necklace ingredients. …

Fashion Accessories

These Accessories Have Teeth

There is a lot of teeth baring going on at the Real Life Style offices these days. James’ favorite new thing is to roar (or RAAR how he pronounces it!) and bare his teeth at people. By people I mean complete strangers, neighbors in the elevator, other kids at school, his brother Max, me, and his father. At the same time, Kyle and I have fallen in love with the below Tooth Charm necklace from By Natalie Frigo. I purchased one for a client as a custom order, then decided it was so awesome I ordered one for everyone on the …

Mommy Fashion

The Chic Mommy Necklace

Kyle and I both stopped in our tracks when we got to this page of the Nordstrom Holiday catalog. And not just because there was a picture of a pug in one of the lockets! I’ve always loved a good locket and not loved what I call “mommy” necklaces. You know, something your husband or mom buys you with your kids’ birthstones or initials on it. Not that there aren’t good ones, but most of them are not what I would call work or date appropriate. These lockets from Astley Clarke are chic necklaces on the outside with cute pictures …