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Mommy Fashion

My First “Mommy Sabbatical”

My first “mommy sabbatical,” a respite from all parental and home responsibilities, was back at the end of February. How did this come about? After 10 days of quarantine with the kids by myself (false alarm!), while simultaneously trying to work and supervise homeschool, Mr. Real Life Style recognized I needed a respite.

Mommy Fashion

To Spanx or Not to Spanx: Wearing Dresses Without Shapewear

Just like last week, this blog was inspired by a question RLS received. However, in this case the questioner was not a blog reader, but an attendee of a Maternity Planner event at which I was on a panel, Motherhood But Make it Fashion, last March. The question went like this: As a new mom, I have a softer tummy than I used to, yet I feel no inclination to wear shapewear as I did in the past. How do I reconcile societal norms of what looks good versus what feels good? I can relate, and from what we’ve been …

Mommy Fashion

Take Control of Your Working Mama Closet

What did I do with my Memorial Day weekend? In addition to multiple pool outings with the kids and quality time with family and friends, I completely reorganized my closet while switching it over for the season. Usually my closet is a well-oiled machine which only requires pulling out the past season and putting in the new, moving things around as necessary. This time I knew my closet needed a major overhaul. Now that my kids are 5 and 7, I am back to wearing more “real” clothes (i.e. dry-clean-only investment pieces). I was frustrated with my closet all winter, …