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Work Wardrobe

Your Perfect Work Shell

One thing we find our clients are always looking for is the perfect shell. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what that means. Below you will find our greatest hits, in order from least to most expensive. (If you are our client, chances are you have one of the below tops!) We’ve already dedicated a whole blog to the Iris Setlakwe V-Neck Top, as it is a tried-and-true favorite of ours. Kyle has had multiple clients fall in love with the Donna Karan Center-Knot V-Neck Blouse, the least expensive top featured. The Vince Camuto Rumpled Satin Blouse comes in handy when …

Work Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Work Wardrobe

If you work in an office, this is a blog to which you should pay special attention. Every professional wardrobe needs these 5 essential pieces. Take stock in your closet. Do you have all 5 of these work wardrobe must-haves? If not, start clicking! Happy Shopping! . . Your Power Color Do you know what your power color is? We all have a color that makes us feel our best and garners the most compliments from others. You could get it in a blazer, a full suit, a blouse or a dress. Find it, buy it, work it. For more …

Work Wardrobe

Our Antidote to the Dreaded Office Air-Conditioning

I’m one of those women who is perpetually cold. You would think this would be difficult in the winter, but I actually find it to be more challenging in the summer when you have to be prepared for two temperatures at all times. There is the scorching hot DC weather, with temperatures that get stuck in the 90s. And then there are the buildings with the air conditioning blasting around 58 degrees all summer. In July, grocery stores become my worst nightmare. Are you like me? Do you keep heating pads and sweaters at your desk? We find that most women keep …

Work Wardrobe

Working Women of DC Rejoice, MM.LaFleur is Here

. Do you remember when I went to the MM.LaFleur pop-up shop at the Jefferson Hotel?  Exactly a year ago, I set up an appointment to try on some of my favorite offerings from the online shop. I was beyond impressed with the quality and fit of the clothes. While there, their stylist mentioned that they were looking to set up a permanent DC location (because let’s be honest, no other city so desperately needs attractive professional clothing). And on March 15th, after eight pop-ups in DC, they’ve opened the showroom at 1424 K St NW, one block from the McPherson …