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Must-Haves for Working From Home: Easy Breezy Dresses

We all need simple these days, don’t we? Dresses caught on like wildfire about 10 years (or was it more?) ago because once women discovered the one and done lifestyle, there was no turning back. No matter how hard the fashion industry has tried to get women to go back to the blouse and skirt combo, they have refused. Summer is coming, our lives are only getting busier and our need for comfort even greater.

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5 Alternatives to Shorts, The 2019 Edition

I used to think I was the only woman who hated wearing shorts. And then I started writing this blog annually. From the positive reaction we receive every year, I know I am far from the only woman looking for an alternative to shorts. I never understood how other women could be wearing shorts so un-self-consciously. It is rare that I have time to exercise enough to actually like my legs above the knee. Even when I was younger, thinner, and more fashionable, shorts just felt so casual and not me. They’ve never really been my preferred mode of clothing …