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Stylish Exercise Clothing

Do you wear stylish exercise clothing to workout? Or do you grab any old tee shirt and leggings from your overstuffed drawers? Nothing inspires you to exercise more—keeping that New Year’s resolution—than fresh, stylish exercise clothing. This week I round up some of my favorite brands from various price points. The styles below are just a small sample of the fun styles out right now. So don’t stop here! Go to the websites of the brands you like best and poke around. And most importantly, clean out your athletic and athleisure-wear drawers! Figure out what you need before you buy anything new.

Everyone deserves a (workout) wardrobe they love. Even if seen by no one else, while on the Peloton or doing 5am yoga.

Happy Shopping!

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Almost Gone!

All Day Alba

Here is Kyle engaging in her favorite form of exercise—walking rescue dog, Daisy! She is wearing one of our favorite athleisure brands, All Day Alba. The fabric of this super stylish exercise clothing is of such high quality, it is in its own category! I get crazy compliments when wearing the same jacket as Kyle has on below. Fortunately and unfortunately, they are currently having an incredible closeout sale as the designer moves onto her next creative endeavor! You can shop the sale at

Gabby Sleek Thumbholes Jacket, $76 $32

Out the Door Skirt, $60 $12

The Classics


I love Zella. It’s a Nordstrom brand that manages to cover all the bases of athletic and athleisure wear. If you are super overwhelmed by the myriad of choices out there, and just want something that will fit well but won’t break the bank, start here. The brand checks the fashionable, quality, and value boxes.

Zella Cozy Baselayer Print Sweatshirt, $65

Zella Cozy Patterned Baselayer Leggings, $65


Athleta has been a bit of an obsession lately at Real Life Style. I am particularly enamored with their warm, fleecy layers during these chilly winter months. Sick of tight yoga pants? The Athleta Salutation Jogger is the pant you’ve been waiting for. You have to feel this fabric to believe it. Seriously. Go to the store and feel it. Then email me.

Athleta Cozy Karma Asym Pullover, $108

Athleta Salutation Jogger, $89


Yes, Lululemon is obvious. Everyone wears it. But, they do so for a reason. After an early quality catastrophe, the brand bounced back with consistently high quality, stylish exercise clothing. Lululemon clothes make you look and feel like a person who exercises, which is why so many people wear their clothes for every day life too. And sometime you just have to fake it till you make it!

Lululemon Love V-Neck T-Shirt, $48

Lululemon Energy Longline Bra Medium Support, $58 $39

Lululemon Base Pace High-Rise Running Tight, $98 $78

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, $38

Modern Comfort


The Vuori Performance Jogger and all of its iterations have become quite the pandemic/work from home uniform. The materials are super soft, comfortable and functional. Go ahead and try telling a Vuori wearing employee they must come back to the office in real pants. Let me know how it goes.

Vuori Energy Top, $52

Vuori Performance Jogger, $84

Girlfriend Collective

Sustainable and size-inclusive, Girlfriend Collective is a HOT brand right now. While I have not tried it myself, I’ve heard rave reviews from others. Have you tried any of their clothing or underwear? Let me know in the comments below! And to my friend who first told me about the brand, I know I owe you an email!

Girlfriend Collective Bluejay 50/50 Half-Zip Sweatshirt, $98

Girlfriend Collective White ReSet Relaxed Tank, $44

Girlfriend Collective Earth Paloma Racerback Bra, $52

Girlfriend Collective Earth Compressive Pocket Legging, $98

Value Brands

All in Motion by Target

Affordable, size-inclusive and super stylish, All in Motion by Target is a fabulous line of athletic and athleisure wear. I have a pair of patterned leggings with a mesh insert from All in Motion that look just as good as my Lululemon leggings. No, they don’t feel exactly the same. However, a store like Target does such a high volume that you are getting a higher quality for the price than a lot of other stores. They also have fantastic short and long sleeve exercise tees that fit women with real bodies.

All in Motion Fleece Zip Sweatshirt, $24

All in Motion Textured Long Sleeve Top, $24

All in Motion Sleek Run Leggings, $32

Old Navy Activewear

Old Navy is another value line that I endorse. I bought some Old Navy Activewear on a whim six years ago, and most of it is still going strong! I was just trying to get a few fresh things in my drawer as motivation to exercise more (sound familiar?) and happened to be next to an Old Navy at the time. I didn’t even know they had stylish exercise clothing. The selection can be limited and may not have as many pockets or details as more expensive lines. However, the clothes are cute, comfortable, fit well, and hold up. If you are in between sizes and need a pick me up, start here!

Old Navy PowerSoft Long-Sleeve Cropped Performance Top, $30

Old Navy Light Support Adjustable Longline Sports Bra, $29.99

Old Navy High-Waisted UltraCoze Performance Leggings, $40

Fashion Forward


How stunning is the outfit by Terez, pictured below? Yes, the Damask Hi-Shine Leggings cost $102. But they are so much more than leggings, are they not? And there are sooo many more patterns that are just as gorgeous! Who could choose just one? I don’t have any Terez leggings of my own yet, but one of our clients did buy an incredible pair from my friend Sydney’s DC pop-up store, Flex All Day.

Terez Jewel Damask Hi-Shine Sports Bra, $67

Terez Jewel Damask Hi-Shine Leggings, $102


The same client who purchased Terez leggings bought one of the last pairs of these Goldsheep Apres Ski All Star Leggings at Flex All Day. (Our clients have such fun taste!) This meant I had to order my own pair online, and then impatiently wait for weeks while they were sewn-on-demand and shipped from California! A word of warning. These leggings run SMALL. I should have ordered one size up. But after all that waiting, c’est la vie. FYI, Goldsheep also carries maternity and matching little girl leggings that are to die for. (As I always say, not having any girls is the universe’s way of saving me a lot of money!)

Goldsheep Apres Ski All Star Sports Bra, $60

Goldsheep Apres Ski All Star Leggings, $98


Oiselle is a brand that was recently recommended to me. Now I am obsessed! Why? Birds of course. (I love bird imagery.) I’m told the clothes are technologically superior, in addition to being super stylish. They call themselves a brand “by and for women athletes”. So I should not be concentrating only on the superficial aspects of the brand. But they also have tigers. Just go to the Oiselle website, ok? If only my exercise clothing drawer wasn’t so full right now. I may have to edit!

Oiselle April Showers Anorak, $98

Oiselle KB Script Swing Tank, $46

Oiselle Pocket Jogger Tights, $98

What are your favorite brands for stylish exercise clothing? Do you wear any of the brands in this blog? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. In the sustainability column, I would also highly recommend The North Face’s Renewed site (, which has restored and refurbished North Face items that are like new. I can attest, my sister got me the Ambition 1/4 Zip exercise top ( for Christmas and I want to live in them.

    1. How interesting! Thanks for letting us know! Can’t wait to see it in person 🙂

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