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Shopping Tips

Game Time- Athletic and Athleisure Wear We Love

Need inspiration to exercise? Buy some fresh workout clothes. Worried you are going to see someone you know when you slink out to buy coffee in the lounge-wear you’ve had since college? We’ve got some awesome alternatives to your sloppy sweats. Scroll down and click, click, click your way to chic clothes your closet has been begging you to buy. For even more options, check out our past blogs on athletic wear. Happy Shopping! . . Bandier This is the home of trendy and edgy workout gear. Bandier carries athletic and lounge brands like Alo, Ultracor, The Upside, Koral, and …

Mommy Fashion

Lucy Does Denim

We have a new magic trick at RLS. The cool thing about it is that it works on both clients and other stylists. Here is how it works in detail. Step 1:  Take a pair of Lucy Indigo pants and hold up in front of unsuspecting person. Step 2: Explain very clearly that although Lucy Indigo pants look just like denim, they are actually made of athletic wear material. Step 3: Let unsuspecting victim touch Lucy Indigo pants. Step 4: Watch said victim recoil and yell, “eek!” at the soft touch of the pants because although you have told them they …

Style Inspiration

The Quickest Way to a [solid] Body

A bikini? Me? Really? Age 38, 2 small children, most definitely NOT on a diet? I, Lani Inlander, just figured out that I fit into a bikini I bought in France when I was 25. Does it look the same as it did then? Do I have washboard abs? Of course not. But after using this body to grow 2 beautiful, perfect boys, I don’t really give a you-know-what about what anyone thinks of my belly when I’m chasing after my kids at the pool. Who remembers my blog post last November about my inclination, and then demur, around starting an …