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Every New Exercise Plan Requires a Cute New Outfit

As I’ve always told my clients, one is most motivated to begin an exercise program when wearing new, cute exercise clothes. As intimidating as it can be to put on tight exercise pants when not feeling as if you are in the best shape, I promise they will make you feel better than your worn-out yoga pants. Just like most new(er) moms, recently I have been trying to begin a new exercise program. “Kismet!,” I thought when the peeps at Lucy offered to send me a new outfit to try out. I have always used Lucy as a resource for my clients looking for an easy experience finding exercise clothes. The sales staff are super helpful and the clothes just work and fit without being tricky. No hype, just great clothes that make you feel cute. What more could you ask for?

2014-10-23 10.08.46

Lucy I Run This Half Zip in Ultramarine Space Dye, $98.00
Lucy Take Me The Distance Tight in Lucy Black, $69.99

I love the thumbholes to keep my hands warm while pushing the stroller!

I tried on my new outfit as soon as I possibly could. “I love the pockets in these awesome pants,” and “how can they possibly make me look so much thinner?,” I thought. I put them on the island in my Elfa closet until I had a chance to figure out when and how I was going to start exercising again. Just to be clear, the last time I regularly attended yoga or went for a run (I’m not counting Mommy and Me yoga classes) was in July. That is, two years ago from this past July. And there the clothes sat while I tried to find the time and energy in my running my own business/in the middle of fall shopping insanity/did I mention I have two children under 3 life to begin a true exercise program.

The weather turned lovely and cool and there the clothes still sat. One day I realized that it took just as long to get the kids in and out of the car to go to daycare as it did just to walk them in the stroller.  “Could this qualify as exercise?,” I wondered. There are hills, I swear! Ok, so a brisk 20 minute walk pushing a double stroller is not the same thing as an hour long spin or pilates class. But for now, this is all I can do and that will have to be good enough. I already take them to school in clothes that can get yogurt smeared on them, as opposed to the clothes I wear to see clients, so why not put on cute exercise clothes instead of jeans? Perhaps when the exercise studios open in the new development across the street I will be so happy wearing my Lucy outfits on the way to school that I will keep them on for another hour to attend a “real” exercise class? I’ll keep you posted!

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