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Shopping Tips

3 Secrets to Swimsuit Shopping

I’m starting this season’s swimsuit blog with the 3 new swimsuits I just bought myself. How is that for truth in advertising? Figuring out where to buy a new swimsuit can be so overwhelming that most people put it off. Sort of like new jeans, but waaaay worse. Well the summer is under way and we’ve done all the work for you. No excuse now ladies. Start shopping. But first, a few secrets to swimsuit shopping. One, figure out what you need. I actually have a ton of cute bathing suits, mostly bikinis I wear layered with brightly colored rash …

Shopping Tips

How to Wear an Updated Denim Skirt

Do you love a jean skirt as much as I do? The only problem is the look can quickly veer into not modern/age-appropriate/cool territory very quickly. Even I feel a little bit unsure of myself sometimes when putting together outfits with a jean skirt. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be calling it a denim skirt now. Like how a fanny pack is now a belt bag. Uh huh. The first step is to find the right shape of denim skirt. Want something new and exciting? Go with the vintage look soft a-line. Younger or have great legs? Try a shorter …

Mommy Fashion

5 Must-Have Cheap but Chic Finds

Everyone’s favorite topic! How can you make the biggest impact on your everyday uniform with a limited budget? I talked with Anjali Varma of The Modern Mompreneur about my favorite cheap-but-chic pieces that upgrade any basic outfit. Every item I’ve included is under $100! See below for the recommendations from my video and check out Lani’s video with Anjali for more wardrobe advice. Happy shopping, . . [tabs slidertype=”simple”] [tab] 1. The Blazer H&M Jersey Blazer, $35[/tab] [tab] 1. The Blazer   Uniqlo Lightweight Stretch Blazer, $40[/tab] [tab] 2. The T-Shirt Blouse   Pleione Pleat Back Woven Print Top, $39[/tab] [tab] …

Work Wardrobe

Suits and Sneakers, A Modern Take

sources 1, 2, 3 . I can already imagine what you are thinking, the 1980’s picture of women in suits with white sneakers on their way to work. This is not only different, but super chic, pinky swear. You know I would never steer you wrong, right? Suits and sneakers, “Take II,” has been happening on street style stars for awhile, but it wasn’t until I saw someone I know and trust fashion-wise, that I really took the look seriously for Real Life. Lillian Schoeppler from Velvet Suite, that was you! What do you wear for an all day, shop …