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How to Wear an Updated Denim Skirt

Do you love a jean skirt as much as I do? The only problem is the look can quickly veer into not modern/age-appropriate/cool territory very quickly. Even I feel a little bit unsure of myself sometimes when putting together outfits with a jean skirt. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be calling it a denim skirt now. Like how a fanny pack is now a belt bag. Uh huh.

The first step is to find the right shape of denim skirt. Want something new and exciting? Go with the vintage look soft a-line. Younger or have great legs? Try a shorter version. Want classic? A slightly past the knee, straight version of the denim skirt will do for you. Two keys to keeping the denim skirt adult is to always add a chic topper (or a big necklace if it’s super hot!), and interesting shoes that will take advantage of the skirt’s blank canvas. We made three outfits at three different price points to demonstrate how a white t-shirt and jean skirt can be a super chic weekend look.

What’s your favorite way to wear a jean skirt? Which of the outfits below do you like best? Let us know!

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P.S. I’ve had the same Habitual jean skirt for like 10 years. I think this is the year I let Kyle decide if I keep it and wear it or tell me to buy a new one!



3×1 / Jason Wu Denim Pencil Skirt, $265

Ace & Jig Quilted Coat, $598

Jenni Kayne Crepe Tee, $165

James Chan Suzy Bow Slide Sandal, $188.95



J.Crew Button-Front Denim Skirt, $79.50

Madewell Print Robe Jacket, $98

ATM Schoolboy Cotton Crewneck Tee, $85

Madewell Addie Slide Sandal, $88



H&M Knee Length Denim Skirt, $34.99

Caslon Twill Shirt Jacket, $79

Amour Vert Leif Slub Tee, $42

Treasure & Bond Mere Flat Slide Sandal, $59.95



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