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Shopping Tips

Warm, Stylish Coats for Outdoor Gatherings

Warm, stylish coats for outdoor gatherings are just as important as last week’s blog topic: Warm Layers for Outdoor Gatherings. Choose from vests, puffers, fleece, teddy coats, and even faux fur. I’ll be keeping warm in Uniqlo HeatTech base layers and the coat collection that fills almost our entire front hall closet :). Happy Shopping! Vests Yes, we are putting vests in our warm, stylish coats for outdoor gatherings blog. A lot of people prefer a vest to a coat because of the range of movement it allows. This is especially useful if you are chasing kids around or tending …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2015 Trend #7: Fresh as a Daisy

. Just as Meryl Streep says in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Yes, florals are almost always featured on the spring runways. However, this year everything was coming up daisies. Gorgeous appliques and bright pop-art colors donned the clothing in a much more modern, interesting fashion than your usual spring florals. P.S. I am obsessed with the Michael Kors skirt above!!!! These are the three types of daisy patterns to look out for: … 1. Pop Art The way to do daisies this spring? In fun and unexpected colors. While black and white is a perfectly acceptable way to …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2015 Trend #5: Vest Dressed

. It’s time to pull that criminally underrated piece out of the back of your closet: the vest. In the spring and summer, put-together outfits can be a little more difficult to create. You probably don’t feel like wearing your third piece when it’s over 90 degrees. However, a tailored vest can work all the magic of a blazer but still be breezy and practical. As seen in the runway shots above, many designers created gorgeous longer vests, but there were plenty of cropped vests and hip-length vests as well. This is a major trend this season ladies, so take note! Here are the …

Shopping Tips

Fashion News

The Demise of C. Wonder Do you remember the blog post about my love for C. Wonder? On January 6th, J. Christopher Burch announced that C. Wonder would be closing its stores and ceasing operations. The news wasn’t incredibly shocking, as the brand started by opening 32 stores in quick succession, before being forced to close a number of them recently. Not to mention, the brand also began with a contentious lawsuit because C. Wonder bares a striking resemblance to Mr. Burch’s ex-wife’s brand, Tory Burch. That said, they had some really cool stuff and it was a fun retail concept which …

Fashion Accessories

How Well Dressed is Your iPhone?

Move over shoes, phones and tablets seem to be the world’s greatest new accessory. Everywhere we go, we are sure to have our tech gadgets accessible to us at all times. What a perfect opportunity to show off how stylish (and clever) you are! Luckily, designers are constantly coming out with new lines of cases for our tablets, laptops, and phones. I’m here to help you sort through some of the many options out there (and maybe provide a last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea!). What I can’t help you with is what to do with that expensive case when you switch …