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How Well Dressed is Your iPhone?

Move over shoes, phones and tablets seem to be the world’s greatest new accessory. Everywhere we go, we are sure to have our tech gadgets accessible to us at all times. What a perfect opportunity to show off how stylish (and clever) you are! Luckily, designers are constantly coming out with new lines of cases for our tablets, laptops, and phones.

I’m here to help you sort through some of the many options out there (and maybe provide a last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea!). What I can’t help you with is what to do with that expensive case when you switch from the iPhone 4S to the 5…Guess it is a good excuse to buy something new!

What kind of cases do I own for my iPhone and iPad you ask? Shiny metallic purple for my iPhone 5 but just plain black for my iPad. Why? The New Yorker in me can’t help but think it wouldn’t be very street smart to walk around with a glitter advertisement that I’m carrying around an iPad. Once I admit to myself that I don’t take the subway much anymore, I’ll buy the Kate Spade glitter case below.

Here are some of the cutest cases for your iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, E-readers, and laptops:

Kate Spade carries her girly chic style over to her tech cases with fun colors and prints, and my favorite, glitter!

Kate Spade 1

Kate Spade 3

The eyes wink when you move this case!!!
Kate Spade 2
I had to talk myself down from buying this in the store. It may yet come home with me!

Kate Spade 4

Kate Spade 5

For more functional tech cases, look to Michael Kors. Combining phones and wallets, these cases are perfect for any event where you only want to carry the essentials, such as an all-day shopping trip. I’ll be purchasing one as soon as I can decide which color I want! Also, do you think studs would be too much?
Michael Kors 1

Michael Kors 2

Michael Kors 3

So many cute prints!! It’s nearly impossible to choose from the selection of Tory Burch cases with different styles, colors, prints, and textures.
Tory Burch 1

Tory Burch 2

Tory Burch 3

Tory Burch 4

Tory Burch 5

Tory Burch 6

Cute iPad case with a handle on top? This case screams “I’m a fashion blogger!”
Tory Burch 7
I love this black and white leaf print on Diane Von Furstenberg’s tech cases! Very on-trend for this spring!



For a Downtown vibe that is effortlessly cool, these Rebecca Minkoff cases will get the job done.
rebecca minkoff

rebecca minkoff2

For something more work appropriate, Coach has nice leather phone and tablet cases in an assortment of colors. For many of their products, they offer complimentary monogramming as well. What a great gift!
coach 1

coach 2

coach 3

For more formal events where you don’t want to be weighed down, consider one of these Marc by Marc Jacobs phone “boxes,” cut to the shape of an iPhone with extra room for your cards and your lipstick! Sooo chic!
marc by marc jacobs 1

marc by marc jacobs 2

Marc by Marc Jacobs makes fun and quirky phone cases as well!
marc by marc jacobs 3

marc by marc jacobs 4

marc by marc jacobs 5
marc by marc jacobs 6
Gucci also makes leather phone holders and silicone phone and tablet
cases. Oh no, I might have to get the lilac one that matches my logo!






Kristen Dunst must have one of these adorable Miu Miu phone sleeves!
miu miu

miu miu2

Jimmy Choo makes iPhone sleeves as well. Basic black croc and more glitter!!
jimmy choo 1
jimmy choo 3


Loving the studs trend? No one does it better than Valentino. Well, and Jimmy Choo…




This Alexander Wang iPad book is so luxurious!

alexander wang

Happy Valentines Day! Hope we gave you some good gift ideas!

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