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Seasonal Trends

Spring 2020 Trends Volume 1: Romance is in the Air

Welcome to Spring 2020 Trends month! And couldn’t we all use a pretty distraction? So whether you are perusing the pretty runway pictures or clicking through the affiliate links in the widget below (all Nordstrom pieces are 25% off the marked prices as of this minute, and when you buy something through our links, you help support us), we hope we have added a little joy to your day.

Seasonal Trends

Fall 2019 Trends Volume 4: Please Touch

Have you heard of the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia? This is what I was reminded of when reviewing this week’s trends. Who doesn’t want to touch an all gold, quilted, or satin outfit? Keep reading for more details and as always, scroll through the shopping widget below and click on your favorites! Happy shopping! All Over Gold Well OK, you don’t have to wear head-to-toe gold, but move beyond accessories to your main pieces, please. Lani talked her sister-in-law into a gold leather designer trench coat a few years ago. Amy, this is your season! Throw it over all …