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Seasonal Trends

Spring 2020 Trends Volume 3: The Working Woman

Yes, we did identity all of these “at work” trends before we were all doing our jobs behind computer screens. And yes, they all still stand. In fact, I think these trends are fabulous for the time in which we are living. Read on for more details.

Vests and Three-Piece Suits

We love vests here at RLS. They are one of my favorite fashion tricks for maternity, to camouflage postpartum, and to pull an outfit together any time. So while you might not feel like wearing a full on suit while teleconferencing, we ask that you consider a vest to add structure and style.

Louis Vuitton | Celine | Max Mara

Short Suits

If no one can see your bottom half, why not just wear shorts? Matching shorts of course! As the work place gets more casual, as it may once everyone is used to working in their pajamas for months, I predict fashion-forward looks such as short suits become more acceptable. In the meantime, embrace your rebellious streak. Your boss will never know.

Burberry | Chloe | Max Mara

Brooches and Pins

Need a conversation piece for your next Zoom call? Try a brooch or a pin. We’ve been playing with these for our clients the last few seasons and can’t wait to see more sophisticated offerings in-store. Pardon me, I mean online…

Victoria Beckham | Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent | Marc Jacobs

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