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5 Simple Steps to Spring Closet Cleaning

You may remember my mentioning cleaning out your closet as Life Hack #1 in January’s blog, Lani’s 5 Favorite Life Hacks. Considering the amount of time we are all spending at home these days, I thought it might be time to revisit the idea in more detail. Having an edited, organized closet, and maintaining it every season, will save you an unimaginable amount of time.

Need more motivation? How about planning a clothing swap with friends after this is all over? In the meantime, you can create an invite list and send pictures to each other of the piles you took out of your closet. See who can edit the most!

Here are my 5 simple steps to cleaning out your closet:

1. Evaluate

Take out all of the clothing, shoes and handbags that are worn out, stained, don’t fit, need repair, you don’t like, or have never worked.

2. Donate

Recycle the worn and stained clothes at your local H&M. Repair or recycle the clothing that needs repair. If you don’t like it or it has never worked, admit defeat and donate it to someone who can use it while the item still has life left in it.

3. Divide

Move all of the clothes that are not in the current season to a different closet or the least accessible section of your closet. Do the same with out-of-season shoes and bags.

4. Beautify

Put all of your hanging clothes onto matching black velvet hangers to save space and create a uniform look.

5. Organize

Arrange your hanging clothes by category, sleeve length and color, hanging from sleeveless to long sleeve and light to dark.

If you are looking for an even more detailed guide to cleaning out your closet as well as putting together a complete work wardrobe, you may be interested in the Wear Your Power online course, now available on demand through Real Life Style. You’ll get 2 lessons per week for 4 weeks, and a 30 minute call with me at the conclusion of the course to get personal style recommendations and any remaining questions answered. The cost of this course is $197, the value of the 30 minute call with me! Read more about the course and register here. Have questions? Email me at any time.

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