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5 Things I Want This Fall: The Lani Edit (with a bonus!)

Have you been waiting for my edition of 5 things I want this fall after reading Kyle’s a few weeks ago? The wait is over. Not only am I giving you the 5 things I want, but also 5 things I’ve recently purchased. From fashion to home and beauty, I’ve narrowed down my edit to these fall style essentials.

Happy Shopping!

lani signature real life style

Lani in her new Athlefit Chelsea Boots and Joe’s Jeans Faux Leather Pants jetting off to a client appointment this fall.

5 Things I Already Bought

1. A Moroccan Berber Rug

We are in the midst of a much-needed primary bedroom makeover. This Moroccan Berber rug is the star piece in the room. Although we did purchase three rugs on our trip to Morocco in 2022, I actually ordered this one from Etsy. It took a month or two to arrive, but was worth the wait. The prices listed below are the currently advertised sale prices for a range of sizes from 2×3 to 14×14.

5 things I want this fall: moroccan berber rug

Moroccan Berber Rug, Beni Ourain Carpets, $125-1753

2. A New Pair of Chelsea Boots

I take no credit for the discovery of these quality, comfortable, stylish boots. Athlefit brand boots were mentioned as a practical purchase by Laura Vanderkam, co-host of Best of Both Worlds, my favorite podcast. I was immediately intrigued by “real” leather boots at this price point and ordered them to try. And they are great! Not wide for those of you with wider feet, but comfortable and stylish. My favorite Blondo boots died at the end of last season and these saved me from having to make a big, expensive decision about my next pair.

Athlefit Chelsea Platform Lug Sole Ankle Booties, $40

3. A Highlighter Palette

I have absolutely no idea what internet hole introduced me to the Laura Lee brand. All I know is that I was in the market for a new blush palette. I found this cool Laura Lee Glazed Lit-Kit Highlighter Palette filled with flattering shades and thought, why not just glow all over? I love it!

Laura Lee Glazed Lit-Kit Highlighter Palette, $19

4. A New Painting from Marisol Martinez

You may remember our blog post from a few weeks ago about one of my dearest friends and Quiet Luxury Style Icon, Marisol Martinez. Well, this is the artwork she recently installed in the RLS office, making me sooo happy. I’ve been in love with this Concrete Jungle piece since the first time I saw it in her studio. As with all abstract art, the kids didn’t quite get it. I told them they would appreciate it one day when “Aunt Marisol” was famous and it was a major part of their inheritance!

Concrete Jungle by Marisol Martinez

5. A Pair of Leather Trousers

These Wide Leg Faux Leather Pants from Joe’s Jeans are a replacement for the faux leather joggers I finally had to retire last season. I’ve always loved real and faux leather jeans as a way to keep warm in the winter. They also seem to match just about everything in my wardrobe. I swear these pants are light as a feather yet cozy all at the same time. You have to feel them to believe it. I’ve already sold them to multiple clients, including my personal pair to a similarly-sized client before I had even tried them on myself!

Joe’s Jeans Mia High Rise Wide Leg Faux Leather Pants, $198

5 Things I Want

1. A New Sweater

Ok, this one is totally ridiculous. I already have a Barbie pink sweater. But the Haseley Sweater from The Fold is super chic and avant-garde. I’m obsessed! You must click through to see how good it looks on the model. If anyone knows of a less expensive alternative, please put it in the comments at the bottom of the blog! And wouldn’t this fabulous Barbie pink sweater look amazing with the burgundy pants and shoes I want this fall?

The Fold Haseley Sweater, $435

2. Another Color in the Leather Pants I Bought

I love my new Joe’s Jeans Faux Leather Pants so much, I want them in the burgundy color as well! Is that completely insane? I kind of don’t care, as I’ve been on the hunt for both the perfect faux leather pant and burgundy pants for months and here it is, in one pant! Of course, I still bought the black version first…

Joe’s Jeans Mia Faux Leather Wide-Leg Crop Trouser, $198

3. A New Pair of Ballet Flats

Sure, I need a pair of shoes like a hole in the head. But who really “needs” a new pair of shoes? I’ve been obsessively looking at ballet flats for many more seasons than they have actually been a trend. And now there are enough in the market that I have actually found “the one” that I want. Can I get both colors if I promise to take two pairs of flats out of my closet? What do you think???

Reformation Mikayla Ballet Flat in Champagne, $268

Reformation Mikayla Ballet Flat in Chestnut, $268

4. New Mascara

Have you ever tried “tubing” mascara? Personally, I can’t go back to scrubbing off my mascara at the end of the day. I’ve been using the Thrive Causemetics mascara forever, and I love it. However, I recently heard Jennifer Romolini on the Everything is Fine podcast extolling the virtues of the Merit tubing mascara.

Merit Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara, $26

5. Another New Rug

I had a moment of insanity during the pandemic and replaced our (cheap) fluffy living room rug with a not-cheap ivory wool rug. An ivory rug next to the dining room with two boys in the house, you ask? As I said, a moment of insanity. I just needed things to feel clean and spacious while we were cooped up, ok? Anyway… one day I was drooling over $20,000 Liberty of London rugs from the Rug Company. And then I discovered that Ruggable, my favorite purveyor of washable rugs, had their own collection of William Morris prints! Alas, Mr. Real Life Style and I are not on the same decorating page here.

Morris & Co. Blackthorn Forest Green Tufted Rug from Ruggable, from $159

What do you want for fall? What have you already bought this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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(2) Comments

  1. Your picks are the best as always, and I can confirm the Merit mascara is fantastic! I’ve tried many tubing ones over the years and it is my current favorite, hands down. I’m on my second tube.

  2. Oh most definitely yes to tubular mascara. It’s all I’ve used for the last 20 years. I used Kanebo’s 38 degree C mascara for years, but it got to be too hard to find. I switched to Clinique’s version about six years ago and just have a standing order from their website to have a tube shipped every six weeks. I’d never go back!

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