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Rails Jac Double-Breasted Plaid Blazer
Seasonal Trends

5 Things I Want this Fall: The Kyle Edit

I’m loving the new styles and trends this season and couldn’t wait to share the 5 things I want this fall! This year I have 4 new wardrobe pieces on my list and one lifestyle item. The wardrobe pieces are items I’ve been eyeing since seeing the new trends emerge this season. The lifestyle item is more out of necessity than want, but also something everyone needs, so it made the list.

Shopping Tips

Reformation: The Future of Shopping Is Now

Readers who hate shopping, this post is for you. I’m about to tell you about the best shopping experience I’ve ever had. Earlier this week, I spent two days in LA for vacation with my boyfriend. Considering I had spent the week in 4 different states (Kentucky for a wedding last weekend, then NY for work, and home in DC), I was already having fun comparing how culturally different the fashion is in each part of the country. In this vein, I decided to visit the most “LA” of boutiques to get a sense of what was trending on the …