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Lani’s Family Halloween Costumes!

Can you believe it’s almost time for Halloween already? Where has the year gone? I’ve decided to share what each member of my family has chosen their Halloween costume to be this year. Well, except for Mr. Real Life Style, who has yet to decide what he’s going to be. Nice guy that he is, my husband wanted to do a themed family Halloween Costume. But like everything else in life, the rest of us wouldn’t cooperate. Poor guy!

If you’re anything like us and almost always late on decisions for a Halloween costume, you’ll be happy to know all the options I’m sharing below are still available to ship to you before Halloween! Happy Halloween browsing!

lani signature real life style

Lani and James each dressed up as their favorite Superhero from Halloween 2018!


I know you’re all shocked, but this year I have decided to be WONDER WOMAN (again) for Halloween. As many of you already know, she’s my favorite superhero. After having looked through multiple variations of Wonder Woman costumes before making my choice, I have decided on this one for my new, exciting costume. Why? It is relatively budget-friendly and the one that most resembles Diana from the films. Of course I had to have the light up lasso to go with my Halloween costume! I’m going to pass on the sword and shield myself, but it’s also a great addition to the complete look.

Rubie’s Women’s DC Comics Wonder Woman 84 Costume, $39

Wonder Woman 1984 Light Up Lasso, $25

Wonder Woman Adult Shield, $30

Wonder Woman Adult Sword, $16

The Boys

Max as the Grim Reaper and James as a Sumo Wrestler from Halloween 2021.


This year Max wanted to go with a Star Wars themed costume. After finding this very cool Clone Trooper Helmet on Amazon, it was decided. Of course he’s most interested in the electronic helmet, but in case you were wanting a complete Halloween costume, I’ve also included the link for a boys Storm Trooper costume.

Star Wars The Black Series Phase II Clone Trooper Premium Electronic Helmet, $99

Star Wars Boys Storm Trooper Costume, $30


James was the most decisive regarding his Halloween costume this year. When he saw this Giant Inflatable Alien option, there was no turning back. And honestly, I can’t blame him. I think these inflatable costumes are so funny for kids. He has worn his inflatable Sumo wrestler costume (see above) multiple times and loved it.

Giant Inflatable Alien Costume for Kids, $40

Bonus: Costume for Kyle’s Dog Daisy

My husband stumbled across this picture of an Eeyore Halloween costume for pets and showed it to me because of my love for pugs. Little did he know that I would turn around and send it to Kyle for her dog Daisy! If any of you have ever met Daisy, you’ll know she doesn’t need a costume to play the role of Eeyore. But that doesn’t mean I can’t wait to see her all dressed up. I’m sure Kyle will have many pictures to share after Halloween!

Winnie the Pooh Eeyore Pet Costume, $24.99

What are your family Halloween costumes for this year? Share your costume picks in the comments!

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  1. My Max will be a medieval plague doctor and Vivi is a mushroom this year.

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