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Seasonal Trends

Spring 2019 Trends Volume 2: Chic Color Combos

Don’t be afraid to branch out this season! While we love our classic color combinations, runway outfits are great sources of inspiration for us and our clients. By utilizing the color stories laid out in runway shows, you can pull from the colors of your closet and make new and interesting combinations you hadn’t discovered before. Living coral, Pantone’s color of the year, was huge on the runway, along with golden yellow and beige. Kyle and I also saw so many chic color combos while shopping the spring collections in NYC this week, of which burgundy and turquoise was a favorite. You …

Style Inspiration

Refresh your Wardrobe with Fresh Color Combos!

Are you bored of your wardrobe already and there are still a few months to go this season? Never fear, RLS is here. Creating new, fresh color combos using clothes you already own is the easiest way to see your wardrobe anew. The first four combos, Black & Brown, Camel & Red, Black & Navy, and Cream & White, are classics. The last combo, Burgundy & Pink, is where we ask you to stretch your comfort zone. Do you have to try all of these combos? Of course not. I am giving you homework though. Choose two of the below …

Shopping Tips

Color it Right: Lani’s Guide To The Colored Jean Trend

The Colored Jean Trend: everything to gain and nothing to fear! Some trends seem too expensive for only one season’s worth of wearing. This is not one of them. Not only do colored jeans come at totally affordable prices but they seem to be sticking around. Don’t be intimidated! I’ll show you some great ways to wear them and take away your FEAR OF THE TREND. By the end of this post, you’ll be wondering which color to buy first! Let’s start with neutral colors. A pale jean is a great foundation for any outfit–you can dress it up or down, …