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Refresh your Wardrobe with Fresh Color Combos!

Are you bored of your wardrobe already and there are still a few months to go this season? Never fear, RLS is here. Creating new, fresh color combos using clothes you already own is the easiest way to see your wardrobe anew. The first four combos, Black & Brown, Camel & Red, Black & Navy, and Cream & White, are classics. The last combo, Burgundy & Pink, is where we ask you to stretch your comfort zone. Do you have to try all of these combos? Of course not. I am giving you homework though. Choose two of the below combos and put together at least one outfit for each. If you aren’t sure your outfit works, send me a picture and I will give you my personal feedback. The street style photos Kyle put together should give you plenty of inspiration.

Happy shopping in your own closet!

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Black & Brown

OK ladies, we are starting with the easiest combo and the one that sparked this entire blog. I have worn black and brown together before, but mostly in winter when I love to wear all black under a stunning brown leather Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti jacket I’ve had forever. (Aside: This look is a tried and true topper for my capsule wardrobe packing plan.) I hadn’t really though about wearing this combo for summer lately until I saw a beautiful young woman in a stunning black and brown outfit. Can you believe all of this fashion inspiration came from going to Friday night services at my synagogue? An over-achieving college student who had grown up in our temple was asked to come back and speak about her many accomplishments. I am very embarrassed to tell you that I can’t remember a word of her fabulous talk because I was so taken with her chic black dress, brown shoes and belt outfit!

I hadn’t worn my brown Campomaggi sequin tote in a while (because I had previously worn it for a year straight!) so I decided to take it for a spin again. How easy is this look? Take your boring black outfit and add a brown bag and/or shoes. See below. Truly, it’s that easy. Of course you can get more complicated, mixing brown and black clothing with a white or cream accent for summer, but you don’t have to.





Olivia Culpo

Kate Middleton

Zoe Saldana



Camel & Red

Camel and red is a classic color combination that gives maximum impact. I first swooned over this color combo poring over looks from a Michael Kors Collection fashion show sometime in the nineties. I had a client purchase his camel and red double face cashmere cape which I still dream about. We love to pair a red blouse with a camel pant, or a red dress with a camel coat. Check out the three celebrities all wearing the same coat/dress color combination below. The colors look particularly good on blondes a la Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Lawrence, but as you can see, Amal Clooney looks gorgeous in the combination as well. I know I know, the woman would look gorgeous in a paper bag but it is still a good example of the color combo on a brunette. An accent of burgundy, such as Kate’s small bag, adds the perfect finishing touch.

Kate Bosworth

Jennifer Lawrence

Amal Clooney

Vogue Social Shopper

Beaute’ J’adore



Black & Navy

We’ve already written a blog post dedicated to the controversial combination of black and navy. Our favorite clothing brand MM.LaFleur has too. Check out both of these posts for tips on how to try it yourself. The key to pulling off this look is by making it an intentional outfit. See Miranda Kerr in all black with a navy coat, and Victoria Beckham in all black with navy statement trousers and a navy and black purse. When in doubt, try navy with leather pants.

Miranda Kerr

Victoria Beckham






Cream & White

This is what we like to call the “creamy dreamy” outfit. This color combo looks amazing in the summer with breezy, linen fabrics and in the winter with chunky sweaters. Add other neutral accessories like beige sandals or a grey purse and try your best to stay away from coffee or juice stains.

Leandra Medine

Fashion Jackson

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Like Fresh Laundry

Fanny Ekstrand



Burgundy and Pink

This has been one of Kyle’s favorite color combinations for years. The best part about this is any shade of pink works so well with burgundy. See Victoria Beckham’s varying shades of fuschia and coral, which all are complemented perfectly with coordinating boots. If you don’t have matching burgundy shoes, try a soft beige.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Caroline Issa

ASOS Fashion Finder

Pure Wow

OK ladies, which color combos are you going to try?! Please send us pics of your looks or tag #RLStips on FB or Instagram!



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