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Statement Outerwear Trends

Just like last year, outdoor socializing calls for some serious statement pieces. If you are like our personal styling clients, you are probably sick of what has been hanging in your closet for the last two years. Thank you, Kyle for rounding up this season’s trends for us!

Seasonal Trends

Fall 2018 Trends Volume 4: Fiercely Futuristic

I knew Holographic and Iridescent was going to be a thing when, while on vacation in New York City with my kids earlier this summer, I saw a college-age girl in the look head-to-toe. Where exactly was I when, amazed at this fashion statement, I immediately snuck an iPhone picture to text Kyle? The Museum of Natural History, I kid you not. I am not suggesting head-to-toe holographic as a try-this-at-home or museum look, but how about a clutch for a night out, or a fanny pack as something fun to wear to the park with your kids or dog? Do …