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11 Monograms for Mother’s Day

We know you want to get the mothers in your life something special and personalized for Mother’s Day, but it can be overwhelming figuring out what to get, so you end up defaulting to the same gift certificates, etc. Not that we would argue if you wanted to get a mom in your life a gift certificate for our services (email me at!), but for a personalized object she will know you had to research and order ahead of time, look no further than the carefully curated 11 items below.  You have two weeks left, no excuses. A lot …

Gift Guides

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Anything But Typical..

Still need a Mother’s Day gift for your wife, mother, sister, mother-in-law? Here are some last minute ideas. Place the order, print a picture of the item, then slip into a nice card and you are good to go! . Instead of the typical necklaces with the initials of her children… …How about a chic, minimalistic necklace with their initials in morse code? You all know I’m not into “mommy” necklaces. Get one necklace with her children’s initials, or get multiple necklaces she can layer using their full names. Jayne and James Custom Morse Code Necklace in Gold-Fill or Sterling Silver, $35 …

Gift Guides

7 Things to Do for Yourself: A Mother’s Day Guide, 2015

I’m doing things a little differently around here this year. This Mother’s Day I’m talking about all the things you should do for yourself. Of course, if someone in your life happens to see this blog and get an idea of something to give you, that’s just a bonus! 1. Give yourself a break! Alexandra Hughes’ blog post this week, Savoring Scruffy: Letting Imperfection Become Your Perfect, was in perfect line with my recent thoughts on such topics as always having a clean, neat house and the kids having perfect diets. Nice ideas in thought, but not so easy in practice …