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Seasonal Trends

Spring 2018 Trends Volume 2: Practical Accessories

Birkenstocks, fanny packs and clear plastic, these are the spring accessories we are here to tell you about. Seriously. As you’ve been reading for the last few years, RLS is very into Birkenstocks. Particularly, Lani and a lot of our clients have the silver leather ones. Kyle has been wearing the Madrid in Eva Foam as her black sandal (Lani has that one too!), but is currently lusting after a coral suede Arizona. If you are not into the “authentic” kind of Birkenstock, there are many other options out there right now.  See some of our favorite designer options below and …

Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Actually Use – Please Forward

Have you ever given people gifts that end up just sitting on their desks or hanging in their closets, never to be worn or used? Let’s face it: this has happened to all of us at some point. It’s not a good feeling, is it? This Valentine’s Day, skip the cheesy chocolate boxes, the ugly heart-shaped jewelry, and the impractical lingerie that is probably the wrong size. Instead, give your significant other something she will actually put to use. (As you can tell, this blog is meant to be forwarded to your partner, since they are probably not reading this …